10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Istanbul, Full of History

Istanbul is one of the cities in Turkey that has a variety of historical buildings. Most of these buildings date back hundreds of years, ranging from the ruling Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire. In addition to many historical places, there are also beautiful flower gardens that adorn this historical city. Curious, what are the … Read more

10 Sweet Turkish Snacks Suitable for Iftar

Indonesia does not lack a variety of sweet-tasting dishes to break the fast. From deep-fried dishes to soupy dishes such as compotes and setups you can try them every day. However, if you are bored and want to taste a new takjil, this Turkish sweet snack can be tried for breaking the fast. As a … Read more

10 Delicious Turkish Foods You Must Try

The Turkish serial drama fever is endemic in Indonesia. From day to night there are always Turkish soap operas that are shown on Indonesian screens. Yes, it can’t be separated from the actors and actresses who play soap operas who have attractive and charming faces. In addition, the plot of the Turkish drama is quite … Read more

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Here are 15 tourist attractions in Turkey that you can refer to before visiting the country. CappadociaCappadocia is a region known as one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey. This region of cliffs and hills is home to stunning panoramas and is always crowded with tourists from all over the world. In Cappadocia, you … Read more