The Beauty of 8 Tourist Spots in Ischia, Italy’s Hidden Paradise

Ever watched the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Jude Law, Matt Damon, and Gwyneth Paltrow? Most of the 1999 films took place in Ischia, which is on the Bay of Naples, Campania region, Southern Italy. Ischia is one of Italy’s hidden paradises. This 29-square-kilometer volcanic island has stunning views of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea, … Read more

8 Artistic Places in Milan that Tourists Often Miss

As one of the countries that have become a mecca for the world’s arts, Italy does have many artsy places that always attract tourists to stop by. Unfortunately, the almost innumerable numbers make many artsy spots in Italy go unnoticed. If you have the opportunity to stop by in Italy, especially the city of Milan, … Read more

6 Attractions in Siena, Italy that Have Amazing Architecture

Talking about tourism in Italy, of course, it is always closely related to historical buildings that have amazing architecture. This of course also applies to Siena which has been included in the list of UNESCO world heritage cities. Siena has several tourist attractions that have charming architectural buildings, ranging from cathedrals, churches, and towers, to … Read more

Beautiful and Diverse, 8 Tourist Destinations in Emilia-Romagna Italy

The name Emilia-Romagna is still rarely heard in our ears. This name is a region in northern Italy that is divided into 9 provinces such as Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, and others. Many tourists visit Emilia-Romagna for its many destinations to explore! You can find luxury car museums, amusement parks, magnificent castles, and even twin towers … Read more