12 Unique Portraits of Tourists in Japan’s Tohoku Region Prefecture

Japan is a dream tour for most travelers, behind its developed countries, Japan still maintains the traditions that are the main attraction of this country. There are many choices of Japanese tours in all seasons, various festivals, spiritual tours, or Japanese traditions that are still preserved. In the northern region of Japan Tohoku also has … Read more

8 Spectacular Places to Enjoy Japan in Autumn

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6 Sweet Snacks in Akita Prefecture, A Must-Try for Culinary Lovers

Akita Prefecture may not be as popular as Tokyo or other big cities. Located approximately 7 hours from Tokyo, Akita serves many famous destinations such as the sea, and mountains the most famous is the samurai district. Not only a tourist destination, but Akita Prefecture also has typical snacks that are no less interesting than … Read more

Shirakawa-go, A Japanese Cultural Heritage Village You Must Visit

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7 Places Called “Samurai District” in Japan, Really Authentic!

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5 Night Festivals in Japan You Can’t-Miss!

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