10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Spain to Visit

Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world. According to data published by The Guardian, Spain received more than 80 million foreign tourists in 2017. This makes it the second most visited country in the world after neighboring France. This country which is close to the African continent offers many amazing tourist … Read more

12 Delicious Spanish Desserts Apart from Churros

Almost everyone knows about Spain, but most when asked about the popular Spanish dessert, can only mention churros. There are more delicious desserts in Spain than just churros. Spanish desserts not only make you drool, they represent beautiful stories about Spanish cities. Call it polvoron, torrijas to tarta de Santiago, these are some of the … Read more

10 Types of Typical Spanish Sandwiches Made from Baguette

Sandwiches are not foreign to the tongue of some Indonesians. This food can be found sold by street vendors or shops. Turns out the sandwiches have a different name in Spain. In this matador country, the sandwich is known as Bocadillo. This is a kind of sandwich served on a baguette. Sandwiches in Spain are … Read more

10 Popular Muslim Pilgrimage Places in Spain

Although currently, the majority of the Spanish population are Catholic Christians, the Islamic government has also ruled in Spain. Relics from the reign of Islam can still be seen in some of the buildings. Its historical heritage is rich in artistic value from the Moors that endured during their 700 years of rule. Many buildings … Read more

10 Spanish Foods that are Delicioso and Must-Try

What a waste, if you don’t have a culinary tour while in Spain later. You see, Spain has a lot of delicioso (delicious) food. It is very suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people. We will recommend some of them to you. Check out some of our recommendations below! Churros with Chocolate We can … Read more

10 Unique Spanish Habits That Are Interesting to Know

Talking about habits will never end. Various unique habits are often quite interesting to discuss. Just like in Indonesia, Spain also has various unique habits in living daily life. Although some of the customs look strange, they become the main attraction, especially for people who want to take a trip to the country of the … Read more

5 Tourist Attractions in Toledo-Spain for You the Explorer

Spain, especially Toledo, has several main destinations that are ideal for a vacation. Although not as popular as Barcelona or Madrid, this city is still interesting to explore. Many historical heritage buildings have successful designs or architectures that fascinate you. Here are five of the most amazing tourist destinations in Toledo. Toledo Cathedral Toledo Cathedral … Read more