These 10 Beautiful Natural Enchantments in the Middle East Make You Feel At Home

Jerusalem is one example of a popular destination in the middle east. This old town, which has historical value, is not just an ordinary vacation spot. Generally, tourists come for spiritual trips, both for religious activities of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Not only rich with historical attractions that can attract visitors, to come to the … Read more

11 Facts About Saudi Arabia You May Not Know

The leader of the state of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdul-Azis al-Saud, will visit Indonesia. Reporting from (26/02) The King will visit from March 1-9 2017. King Salman will bring an entourage of 1500 people on several Boeing aircraft, including Boeing 777, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400, and the Boeing 757. Saudi Arabia has … Read more