16 Unique Facts About Portugal’s People, Language and Culture

Portugal or Portugal, officially known as the Republic of Portugal, is a country located in southwest Europe. This country lies on the westernmost mainland of Europe and holds sovereignty over the Azores and Madeira, which are autonomous regions of Portugal. Apart from the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo who became the captain of the Portuguese football … Read more

9 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Portugal

SetúbalAs Portugal has become a popular tourist destination, Setúbal has lost a bit of its secret status, but is still one of the country’s best hidden gems. Sitting comfortably in a cradle between Estuary Sado and the Arrábida mountains, it is the perfect position to offer honeymooners a variety of experiences from climbing cliff trails … Read more

15 Most Popular Portugal Foods You Simply Must Try

How much food from Portugal have you experienced so far? Even without leaving Brazil, we managed to find some good restaurants that serve uniquely Portuguese dishes. However, there’s nothing quite like a fine gastronomic immersion. So, if you have an accompanying trip to the land of Cabral, serve the stomach, thanks to this article eat … Read more

15 Best Popular Beaches in Portugal

Portugal’s history is filled with stories of its maritime power.Portuguese explorers competed with the British, Dutch, and Spanish across the world’s oceans from the 15th century onwards.Portugal has two distinct coastlines, one facing west to the Atlantic and one facing south to the Mediterranean. The influence of the sea features in Portuguese cuisine, with salt … Read more

13 Best Tourist Recommendation in Portugal

Portugal is one of the countries that we can find on the European continent and has the Latin name Lusitania, while the official name of this country itself is the Republic of Portugal. It should be noted that Portugal is a highly developed country because its economic, political, and social conditions are extraordinarily stable, and … Read more

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Portugal You Must Visit

In Portugal, there are many tourist attractions that you must visit because they have their own unique and interesting holiday experiences on offer. If you are interested, here are 15 of the best tourist attractions in Portugal that you must visit. VisionViseu is one of the tourist destinations in Portugal that must be visited while … Read more