10 Famous Dutch Cheeses Made from Cow’s and Goat’s Milk

Every Lebaran or Christmas, mothers will be busy making one of the famous Dutch cakes, namely kastengel with one of the ingredients that should not be missed, namely edam cheese. Cheese is one of the famous cheeses from the Netherlands. Indeed, apart from windmills and tulips, the Netherlands is famous for its cheese products. Since … Read more

10 Typical Dutch Foods You Must Try, Authentic Tastes!

Like other countries on the European continent, the Netherlands also has a variety of typical foods that are famous for their deliciousness. From sweet to savory foods, everything is available here. Not only in luxury restaurants, but you can also even buy them at street vendors in the Netherlands at affordable prices. What do you … Read more

5 Tourist Destinations in the Land of the Dutch Windmill

Travel far enough. You meet yourself, said Cloud Atlas. What do you think? However, there will indeed be a difference between people who like traveling and people who don’t like traveling. The difference will be seen in terms of insight. Period even though it is through books that insight can also be obtained. Indeed, books … Read more