6 Recommended Best Hiking Spots Around Tokyo

Maybe when you hear Japan, you immediately think of tall buildings with a glamorous life. But actually, this country has lush forests and bustling cities. They combine the present and the present. So do not be surprised if this country is more prominent than other countries. For those of you who don’t have a hobby … Read more

5 Best Aquarium Destinations in Japan, Make You Feel At Home!

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Amazing, 7 Most Beautiful Villages in Japan You Must Visit

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5 Attractions in Himeji, Japan that Makes Vacations More Fun

Himeji is a relatively small city in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Its name is not as popular as Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, but Himeji has a rich culture and history that you can explore while on vacation in this city. Supported by a good environment, your trip to Himeji City will feel more enjoyable. Then what … Read more

10 Fun Activities in Hokkaido, Japan during Summer 2022

Entering the summer, Japan becomes one of the countries most targeted and visited by tourists. Consisting of several large islands, Hokkaido Island is one part of Japan that you must explore. In Hokkaido, you can do a variety of exciting activities that you will find difficult to find in other places. To make it easier … Read more

10 Types of Typical Japanese Ramen You Should Try, Oishi!

Ramen is a typical Japanese noodle that is very popular in Indonesia. There are various types, depending on the noodles and the sauce. Not only that, but the differences in toppings and seasonings also create different flavors. These differences are influenced by culture per region in Japan. Of the many types of ramen, here are … Read more