10 German Habits That Foreign Tourists Should Know

Germany is a federation of countries located in Western Europe. The country whose capital is in Berlin does have a myriad of interesting stories, ranging from history, and culture, to the unique traditions of its citizens. As the third largest immigrant country in the world, Germany itself has a variety of customs that can invite … Read more

10 Facts about the Quirky German Oktoberfest Festival

One of the favorite events on the festival calendar in Europe is Oktoberfest. This is the largest and most famous beer festival in the world. The venue is in the City of Munich, Germany, and starts in September. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 Oktoberfests have been canceled. This festival will be … Read more

10 Typical German Desserts That Make You Hard To Refuse

People know Germany as a famous sausage producer. Even though this country also has delicious German desserts. Germany is famous for having delicious cakes. Germans have a habit of enjoying cake (kuchen) accompanied by coffee at around 4 pm. This time is known as kaffeezeit or coffee time and can be compared to British tea … Read more

10 Delicious German Foods You Must Try

In addition to the weather, food is a separate consideration when having a picnic abroad. Moreover, if we want to go on a picnic in a country like Germany. Luckily, Germany has many delicious specialties that fit our tongues. So, you don’t need to be too upset about what foods are suitable to eat later. … Read more

10 Town Halls in Germany That Have Amazing Architecture

Germany is one of the best countries on the European continent when it comes to tourist attractions. This country does have many interesting objects, such as historical buildings, squares, to amazing natural panoramas. Germany has many cities that each have their pre-eminent destinations. One of them is the town hall in each region. City halls … Read more