17 Best Things to Do in Orléans, France

In 1429 Joan of Arc liberated Orléans from the British siege, and the city has never forgotten this event. There are statues in his honor, an entire wing in the museum of liberation, and an annual festival in May to celebrate it with ceremony and full splendor.Many tourists rush to Orléans to bypass the Chateau … Read more

These 5 Tourist Locations in Nantes, France’s Hidden Paradise

Nantes has received an award from the European Green Capital Award for the lifestyle of its people who love the environment. Nantes has succeeded in reducing air pollution by managing its transportation system very well and has a large green area. When traveling to Nantes, there are five tourist sites that you must visit, what … Read more

5 Tourist Attractions in Annecy-France, Staycation So Beautiful !

Annecy is one of the most beautiful cities in France. The city, which is located in the southeast region and directly adjacent to Switzerland, has indeed earned the nickname “Fairytale Land”. Starting from the old city with its historical buildings to natural tourism with the landscape of the Alps, making it suitable for your staycation … Read more

5 Most Crowded Tourist Attractions in Lille-France, Interesting!

Lille is a city located in the north of France, which can be an alternative for the next tourist destination. The fourth largest metropolis in the country is certainly very interesting to visit. The area is complete with interesting buildings of various colors that are certainly very eye-catching. Here are five tourist attractions in Lille-France … Read more

10 Tourist Attractions in Toulouse with a History

Enjoying a tour of Europe is fun. One of them is exploring classic France. Toulouse is an attractive city in France, precisely on the banks of the Garonne River. Tourist City In France, this is the capital of the Haute-Garonne, as well as the capital of Occitania. The city of Toulouse has several interesting places … Read more

7 Instagramable Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg City, Like Paris!

Besides Paris and Marseilles, one city that will lead you to feel a different French atmosphere is Strasbourg. Located in the Alsace region which is directly adjacent to Germany, Strasbourg also has its uniqueness. Here are seven of them. Horloge Astronomique de Strasbourg This astronomical clock may remind you of the movie Hugo (2011). Since … Read more