Jaramillo Petrified Forests National Park

Barely 150 million years ago, the Jurassic period featured dense forests with gigantic trees, some of them relatives of the phones or araucarias… But at the beginning of the Cretaceous, the tectonic movements that caused the mountain range to rise and coincided with the volcanic eruptions ended up burying several extensions of Patagonian land. Among … Read more

To the Cabo Blanco Wolf Reserve in Argentine

The fauna reserve of Cabo Blanco develops on a triple rocky promontory over the wide Argentine sea and is home to an important colony of two-haired sea lions. Among the many attractions offered by Puerto Deseado, there is one that allows you to take a close look at a colony of sea lions that since … Read more

Cave paintings at Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos, Charcamata, and Piedra Pintada are part of an archaeological corridor that offers clear evidence of the existence of pre-Tehuelche natives 9,000 years ago The Patagonian Plateau holds secrets and surprises that are worth discovering, even if we have to walk and walk through its wild extensions. The town of Perito Moreno … Read more

The Waters South of Buenos Aires Argentine

Around Los Antiguos, one of the largest lakes in South America offers its charm so that we can enjoy its crystal clear waters and marine activities It’s called Buenos Aires but it’s far from resembling the nation’s capital. This is a classic Patagonia lake, with its wide waters for fishing and winds that roll or … Read more

The Mythical Mount Fitz Roy in Argentine

There is no doubt that it is a special hill wherever you look. His height, origin, texture, and silhouette set him apart from the rest. This is how it feels even for the best climbers in the world. At 3,405 meters high, Mount Fitz Roy emerges as one of the most difficult mountains to climb … Read more