10 Typical Argentinian Foods, Lionel Messi’s Home Country

Argentina is one of the South American countries which, apart from being famous for its football, is also a popular tourist destination among young people and parents alike. The country has cosmopolitan cities and Argentine cuisine is shaped by its history and culture. The food is rich in taste and also has influences from European … Read more

Adventure, Tango, and Much More at the Delta

A tour around the Delta delights visitors with nature and tango. Unforgettable from every point of view. Andrés’ words caught our attention at once and got us directly involved with what he was saying: “This tour proposes visitors to see the Delta from a different angle, away from the well-known tourist circuits, by showing extraordinary sceneries, … Read more

The Beauty of The Iguazú Falls

The Lower Walk is a walk closer to the waterfalls, more direct in terms of sensations, along walkways that enchant with a soft balsamic dew. The Iguazú River runs through most of the Brazilian state of Paraná, with little volume and serene, until it reaches the waterfalls where it becomes boxed in and furious. The … Read more

The Beauty of Iguazú Waterfall

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazú Falls are the most visited natural attraction in Misiones and one of the most impressive on the planet. On your trip to Puerto Iguazú, the Falls are the unmissable visit! The Iguazú Falls are located within the National Park of the same name, about … Read more

Beaches & Resorts of Mar del Plata

With modern urbanization, versatility, and with splendid beaches, Mar del Plata is the tourist destination par excellence of the Atlantic Coast corridor. Few seaside metropolises in the world enjoy the extension of beaches that Mar del Plata has, granting each visitor a different profile, the one that most pleases them when spending their days in … Read more

The Best Tourism in Buenos Aires

The Province of Buenos Aires, one of the richest in Argentina, contains very different landscapes, such as the countryside, the mountains, the large cities, the lagoons, the Paraná delta, and, of course, the entire range of beaches stretching along the Atlantic coast. It is ideal for tourism. Cities such as La Plata, Mar del Plata, … Read more

Pearls of Puerto Santa Cruz in Argentine

Walking through the extensive Patagonian steppe, we enter Puerto Santa Cruz, an old town that offers a natural viewpoint towards the estuary and a very interesting historical baggage. Just by walking a few blocks through the center of Puerto Santa Cruz, we came across monuments and vestiges of the events that began its historical heritage. … Read more

The Beauty of the Santa Cruz Estuary

This famous estuary, which is the end of an entire hydrographic system within the province of Santa Cruz, allows you to enjoy more every day. Picturesque, colorful, and with new sports that add to its attractions. Looking at the map it is easy to understand that Lake Viedma empties its waters into the La Leona … Read more

Looking for the Desert Lake in Argentine

It is impossible not to do the excursion to get to know the Lake of the Desert from the city of El Chaltén. Famous for its history, this lake has a lot to show to those who want to know it. From the city of El Chaltén, we take our vehicle and arrive at the … Read more

La Capri, A Magical Lagoon in Argentina

Getting to it does not require a great effort, you just have to put on your shoes properly, take your trekking poles and start walking. The goal is well worth it. It is without a doubt the best trek to realize if we are in physical condition during our stay in El Chaltén. At the … Read more