5 Most Beautiful Bird Species From the African Continent, Amazed!

5 Most Beautiful Bird Species From the African Continent, Amazed!

The vast area of ​​the African continent holds various unique and rare animal species, one of which is birds. Some birds that live in Africa have a charming appearance with a combination of striking colors and body sizes ranging from small to large. Most of them live in remote areas far from human settlements.

Of the hundreds of bird species found on the African continent with diverse forms, here are five bird species with the most beautiful appearances reported by Africafreak and Safarisafricana, as follows:

  1. Gray crowned crane

Gray-crowned cranes are included in the subspecies of cranes that are characterized by a slender body and long legs. If these birds stand upright, their height can exceed one meter, you know. As reported by africafreak, this animal is known for its charming appearance because it has a golden crown on the top of its head.

The distribution the population of this one bird species is widely found in the eastern part of the African continent. They usually congregate near wetlands such as swamps, lakes, and rivers. No wonder the crane subspecies, the behavior of two is similar.

  1. Long-tailed paradise whydah

The long-tailed paradise whydah has an ordinary-looking appearance with a body dominated by black feathers like a sparrow. However, what makes this bird special is its long and large tail which is three times larger than its body size.

These characteristics make the long-tailed paradise whydah included in the list of the most beautiful birds in Africa. The behavior of this bird is very unique because when the female lays eggs, they will just leave the eggs in the nests of other bird species. Wow, I’m not afraid that my child will be hunted by other animals.

  1. Lilac-breasted roller

The body of the lilac-breasted roller is covered with fur with a mix of striking colors such as blue, pink, turquoise, and brown. Therefore, in their natural habitat, they are very easy to identify even though these birds are on the tops of tall trees.

The lilac-breasted roller is a species of a small bird that survives by eating insects and other small invertebrates. While the use of the name “roller” in this bird because they often do acrobatic flying in the air. Very interesting!

  1. Malachite kingfisher

The African continent is the habitat of various subspecies of kingfisher birds. But the malachite kingfisher is the most popular because it has a more beautiful appearance. The feathers of this one bird species are quite interesting.

They have a combination of bright colors including blue, brown, white, green, and red beaks. As the name implies, the main diet of malachite kingfisher is small fish. They are often seen perching on tree branches close to water areas such as rivers, lakes, and ponds.

  1. Saddle-billed storage

The saddle-billed stork has a more exotic appearance with large body size and long legs. Reporting from the SafarisAfricana page, the population of this bird, which is dominated by black and white, is widespread from Sudan, Senegal to South Africa.

One of the unique characteristics of this bird species is the head which has a combination of black, red, and yellow colors. While the body of the saddle-billed stork is dominated by white and black fur. They have an interesting way of communicating by moving and vibrating their beaks.

Well, those are some of the most beautiful bird species that come from the African continent. Of the five bird species above, which one is your favorite?