The 5 Most Famous Museum Destinations in Massachusetts, All Unique!

The 5 Most Famous Museum Destinations in Massachusetts, All Unique!

If you travel to the state of Massachusetts in America, then you will find lots of museums that exhibit a variety of interesting collections. With various architectural styles ranging from modern to classic, the museum is always crowded with visitors, especially on holidays.

Being the most favorite tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists, here are five of the most famous museums in the Massachusetts area. Everything is unique!

  1. Museum of Science

For those of you who are interested in science, the Museum of Science is a place that you must visit when visiting Massachusetts. As reported by the Tripsavy page, this museum is located in the City of Boston and has 500 interactive exhibits related to the branches of science, including mathematics, engineering, physics to astronomy.

One of the favorite exhibits in this museum is the show exploring outer space. This exhibition provides exciting and interesting knowledge for visitors. To enter the Museum of Science, visitors must buy a ticket for 29 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 400 thousand. However, you will be charged an additional 10 US dollars if you want to enter the theater and planetarium.

  1. The Berkshire Museum

The Berkshire Museum is a combination of three of America’s most famous museums, namely The American Museum for Natural Science, The Smithsonian, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Inside this building, you can find various interesting objects related to archaeology, science, and art. Visitors can see firsthand Egyptian mummies to meteor rocks.

There are also many works of art created by legendary artists such as Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. The Berkshire Museum is located in the Pittsfield area which has a magnificent building form.

  1. Old Sturbridge Village

When compared to most museums in Massachusetts, Old Sturbridge Village provides a more memorable experience for visitors. Here you will feel the atmosphere of the 19th century, where many classic buildings resemble the countryside in the 1830s.

Uniquely, everyone in Old Sturbridge Village wears 19th-century clothes and carries out various activities such as trading, farming, and raising livestock. For the entrance fee, you will be charged 28 US dollars (Rp 380 thousand) for adults and 14 US dollars (Rp 190 thousand) for children and adolescents.

  1. The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History is one of the unique museums in the state of Massachusetts. The museum building is relatively small and is located on the outskirts of Wenston. As reported by the Bostonmagazine page, the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History, displayed thousands of stamps and envelopes that have a lot of unique history.

You can also see many letters written by soldiers during the world wars. In addition, this museum will also provide detailed information about the history of the postal service in America.

  1. Larz Anderson Auto Museum

The attraction of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum is that the shape of the building resembles a castle. Inside there are lots of classic cars from various brands with various shapes.

This place used to belong to the Isabel Anderson family. This family has a hobby of collecting antique vehicles produced by well-known automotive companies from America to Europe. Besides being able to see various types of the oldest cars in the world, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around the museum building.

Well, those are some of the most famous museum tourist destinations in the state of Massachusetts, America. In addition to traveling, visitors can also get interesting knowledge about science, history, automotive, and others. For history buffs, make sure you visit these unique museums!