10 Enchantment of Menjangan Island in Bali, the Underwater Nature is Enchanting

10 Enchantment of Menjangan Island in Bali, the Underwater Nature is Enchanting

Bali is famous for the beauty of marine tourism which is second to none. Because of its popularity, Bali is always crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists every day. The most popular places are usually Kuta Beach to Jimbaran Beach.

For introverts who need calm and solitude, it turns out that there are still many tourist sites in Bali that are far from the crowds. Its natural beauty is no less attractive, you know. One of them is Menjangan Island.

This mini island has a charm that will make you feel at home for a long here. So that you are not curious, consider some of the charms of Menjangan Island. Tourist destinations in Bali that have an alluring underwater nature.

  1. Menjangan Island is a mini island located in the Northeast of West Bali National Park
  2. Visitors must cross by boat from Labuan Lalang or Pamuteran Harbor for 30 minutes
  3. Menjangan Island is part of the West Bali National Park since 1982
  4. Before visiting it, visitors must first ask for permission and pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 15,000
  5. As the name implies, this white sandy island is inhabited by herds of wild deer and various flocks of birds
  6. Menjangan Island has a charming sea gradation. The turquoise green sea is caused by plankton that thrives
  7. Menjangan Island is also famous for its underwater natural beauty, you can enjoy it by snorkeling
  8. Various types of colorful marine life will provide an unforgettable snorkeling experience
  9. There are three snorkeling spots that you can explore, each spot has its uniqueness and charm
  10. There are also various facilities such as homestays with interesting concepts, rental of diving equipment to temples for worship

It’s no exaggeration if Menjangan Island is nicknamed a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, right? This Bali tourist destination is indeed enchanting with its alluring underwater nature. Immediately schedule your vacation to Bali and don’t forget to stop by Menjangan Island, okay?