10 Enchanting Portraits of Gili Banta, NTB, Ferocious Island with Enchanting Charm!

10 Enchanting Portraits of Gili Banta, NTB, Ferocious Island with Enchanting Charm!

Gili Banta is a small island located on the Sape and Labuan Bajo shipping lanes. In addition to its unique shape, this island which is considered scary also has a very impressive landscape.

Gili Banta also has a hypnotic underwater beauty. So that you get to know more about Gili Banta, here are portraits and information that you shouldn’t miss. Come on, see!

  1. Gili Banta is an uninhabited island that is administratively located in Bima Regency
  2. The island, which is on the Sape and Labuan Bajo shipping lanes, is considered scary by residents
  3. The water currents on Gili Banta are quite dangerous, even causing the ship to sink several times

The current in the waters of Gili Banta which is very swift and swirling is caused by the confluence of two currents, namely the southern current of the Savu Sea and the northern current of the Flores Sea.

  1. The captain of the ship must be experienced and well aware of the right time and conditions to pass through
  2. Behind its ferocity, Gili Banta has a natural charm that is extraordinarily beautiful
  3. The Bima Regency Government has designated Gili Banta as a regional marine observation area since 2015
  4. The island of 43,750 hectares stretches with hills and expanses of weeds that offer peace
  5. At least, there are six sides of clean white sandy beaches that you can enjoy and explore
  6. For experienced divers who dare to take on the challenge, there is an interesting snorkeling spot

There is a snorkeling spot known as Spot GPS to the north of Gili Banta with a variety of underwater natural beauty, colorful corals, and unique and interesting marine life.

  1. There are no tour packages to Gili Banta yet. If you visit, you can rent a boat

The best time to visit Gili Banta is June to July. That’s because the time coincided with the immigration of whales and dolphins. Immediately schedule your vacation here and hopefully, this review is useful, yes!