10 Castles in Finland that are Magnificent and Historic, Want to Come Here?

10 Castles in Finland that are Magnificent and Historic, Want to Come Here?

Your trip to Finland is incomplete without visiting some of the beautiful castles. Some of them are 700 years old, you know.

In addition to the architectural style of the building that makes you chuckle, the natural scenery around the castle is also very charming. Finland is famous for its many charming castles.

Suitable for you lovers of historical tourism, here are some castle tours in magnificent Finland. The atmosphere is charming.

  1. Founded in the 13th century, Turku Castle was once used as a court, administrative center, prison, warehouse, and barracks
  2. St. Olaf’s Castle known as Olavinlinna Castle with three towers was founded in the 15th century on an island in the Kyrönsalmi Strait
  3. Now Suomenlinna Castle has been turned into a museum with the main spot being the only remaining WWII submarine
  4. Häme Castle provides guided tours of the 15th-century King’s Hall and Queen’s Chamber. Medieval historical value!
  5. At Raseborg Castle you can see the Knight’s Hall and learn about the history of the castle walls and admire the scenery around it
  6. You can learn about 19th-century local life at the ruins of Kastelholm Castle, which is now home to the Jan Karlsgården Open Air Museum
  7. Kuusisto Castle was once the center of spiritual life and generated a lot of political power during its golden era, namely in the 1400s
  8. Oulu Castle, which was built in 1857, has a cafe and exhibition center, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the view
  9. Built in the 18th century, Lappeenranta Fortress serves as a Finnish cultural heritage site containing the Cavalry Museum and art gallery
  10. Kajaani Castle was built in the wilderness. Today, you can walk through the ruins to reminisce about the 17th-century past

Although some castles in Finland are only in ruins, you are still allowed to explore them. In addition to vacationing, you can also learn history, you know. So, don’t forget to visit it when you go to Finland, okay?