10 Best Lakes in Norway that You Must Visit, Favorite Tour!

10 Best Lakes in Norway that You Must Visit, Favorite Tour!

Having nearly half a million lakes makes Norway touted as the Land of Lakes. It is estimated that the total area of ​​lakes in Norway is 17,100 square kilometers.

Most of the lakes in Norway evolved due to glacier erosion. No wonder each of the lakes in Norway has charming natural beauty.

Must enter your next vacation list, here are some of the best lakes in Norway that must be visited. It’s never empty of tourists, you know!

  1. Located at an altitude of 135 meters above sea level, Randsfjorden Lake is a lake with an area of ​​138 km and a depth of 120 meters
  2. Rossvatnet is the second largest lake in Norway with an area of ​​219 sq km. The depth reaches 20 meters, you know!
  3. Snasavatnet Lake was formed from glacier erosion. The lake is surrounded by Folling Village, Sunnan Village, and Snasa. Village
  4. While visiting Tunnsjoen Lake, you can enjoy many heroic activities, such as hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, and snowmobiling
  5. Sourced from the Begna River, Tyrifjorden Lake covers an area of ​​137 square kilometers with a depth of 295 meters
  6. Limingen Lake is the 8th largest lake in Europe with an area of ​​93 km. In the vicinity, various museums can be visited
  7. The name Oyeren Lake is taken from an island in Norway. Located in Enebakk City, the area of ​​this beautiful lake is about 85 km
  8. Bordering Femundsmarka National Park, Femunden Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Norway
  9. Mjosa Lake is the largest lake and one of the deepest in Norway and Europe with an area of ​​362 km. The depth is up to 153 meters!
  10. The 78 square kilometer Mosvatnet Lake contributes to the production of hydroelectric power in Norway

The ten best lakes in Norway that have been mentioned above offer a beautiful natural atmosphere and can make the mind more relaxed. So, make sure you visit it when you’re in Norway, okay?