Tourism While Adding Rewards, These are 5 Pilgrimage Places in Medina

Tourism While Adding Rewards, These are 5 Pilgrimage Places in Medina

Amid fatigue, sometimes you need a new atmosphere to restore your mood and passion for life. So there is no harm in occasionally traveling abroad to visit a place. For example, visiting these 5 places can be added to your wishlist.

In addition to tourism, you can also increase your reward by praying and praying at these five historical places.

  1. Prophet’s Mosque

First, of course, the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. In addition to feeling the atmosphere of a new place for you here, you can perform prayers with a very high reward value, as the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“Salat in this mosque of mine (Nabawi) is 1000 times more important than praying in other mosques, except in the Grand Mosque, and praying in the Grand Mosque is 100,000 times more important than praying in other mosques.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Huzaimah and Hakim).

  1. Tomb of the Messenger of Allah

Furthermore, you can also go to the tomb of Rasulullah SAW. In addition to finding a new atmosphere, you also increase your love for Rasulullah.

In the past, the Prophet SAW was called Masqurah. The tomb of the Prophet SAW is in one room of the mosque with the tombs of Abu Bakr Assiddiq RA, and Umar Ibn Khattab RA.

  1. Jabal Uhud

Jabal Uhud is the largest hill in Medina, located approximately 5 km from the center of Medina. In the valley of this hill, there was a war between the Muslims as many as 700 people against the polytheists of Mecca, which numbered 3000 people.

The Battle of Uhud occurred in the 3rd year H. In that battle, 70 martyrs were killed, including Hamzah Muttalib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad.

  1. Khandak or Khamsah Mosque

Khandak in terms of language means ditch. In Islamic history, what is meant by khandak is the excavation of a trench in connection with the siege of Medina by the Quraysh infidels with their Jewish allies.

On the advice of the companions of Rasulullah SAW, a trench was dug under the leadership of Rasulullah SAW himself which took place in the month of Shawwal in the 5th year of Hijriah. The remnants of the khandak war that exist today are only five posts that used to be seven.

According to some narrations, the place was a former guard post during the khandak war and is now known as the Sab’ah Mosque or Khamsah Mosque.

  1. Quba Mosque

Quba Mosque is a mosque located in the Quba area approximately 5 km southwest of Medina.

When the Prophet Muhammad emigrated to Medina, the first people to welcome the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad were the residents of Quba. It was also the first time that congregational prayers were held openly in this mosque.

Thus five places of pilgrimage that can be on your wishlist to visit. In addition to enjoying the new atmosphere, it can also increase the reward and strengthen faith.