Not Only Deserts, Here Are 5 Interesting Tourist Recommendations in Saudi Arabia

Not Only Deserts, Here Are 5 Interesting Tourist Recommendations in Saudi Arabia

Most people have only known Saudi Arabia as a place to organize Hajj and Umrah. But it turns out that the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula has many interesting places that you can explore.

Here are recommendations for interesting tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia that might be your vacation choice later.

  1. See the green of Saudi Arabia at Oasis Al Ahsa

Al Ahsa Oasis is the largest oasis in the world and has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. During this year’s Valentine’s celebration, a Saudi Arabian mass media Arabnews recommended Al Ahsa as one of the places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia.

This place is a fertile breeding ground for 2.5 million date palms, and 3 million palm trees, and can grow vegetables, fruits, and even rice.

In Arabic Al Ahsa itself means the sound of water flowing underground. In this area, 150 warm, cold, and hot springs flow naturally in the land.

  1. Feel the snow and take part in the Winter at Tantora Winter Festival

As a subtropical country, Saudi Arabia has cold winters.

Some cities in the north such as Tabuk City and the top of Jabal Al Lawz mountain are snowing during winter. If you want to know more details, you can open the official Saudi Arabia tourism website. Many travel packages offer winter trips in Saudi Arabia ranging from 1 day to several days.

You can also take part in a festival called Winter at Tantora which is regularly held in Al Ula since 2018. The festival which lasts for several weeks contains interesting activities such as visiting historical sites, musical performances from world-class musicians, to seeing the beauty of nature and historical sites from a hot air balloon.

This year’s hot air balloon show at the festival broke the world record for the longest hot air balloon show with more than 100 hot air balloons soaring 3 kilometers over the Al Ula Desert.

  1. Descending the Al Wahbah volcanic crater

In the middle of the desert, about 250 kilometers from Taif City, there is a large volcanic crater. The crater, named Al Wahbah, is on the western edge of the Hafer Kishb Plateau.

Initially, the crater was thought to be a meteor crater because of its shape similar to Baringer Crater in Arizona, United States. But after further research, it was found that the crater was formed by volcanic activity in the past. Al Wahbah Crater has a depth of 250 meters and a diameter of 2 kilometers.

To see the crater more closely you have to go through a steep rocky path.

  1. Visit the historical Rijal Alma Village

Located in the Asir Province in southwest Saudi Arabia is a village surrounded by mountains. It is about 45 Kilometers from Abha, the capital city of Asir Province.

The village consists of 60 high-rise buildings built of natural stone, clay, and wood. Not only is the natural landscape unique because it is surrounded by mountains that look green, but this village also has a long history starting from the location of several battles and a stopover for people who wanted to go to Mecca from Yemen in ancient times.

Here you can also find one of the oldest museums in Saudi Arabia which were built on the initiative of villagers in 1985. The village was renovated and there is an open-air theater that can accommodate up to 1000 people.

Currently, Rijal Alma Village is being registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Diving in the Red Sea

Saudi Arabia is a country that has the longest coastline on the Red Sea. For those who like to dive, Saudi Arabia also has a diving point with reefs and marine life that are still rarely touched.

Currently, several areas in Saudi Arabia have developed diving tourism, one of which is Jeddah. Some of the dive sites in Jeddah include Abu Faramish, Sharm Obhur, Abu Tair, and Jebel Al Lith. Not only coral reefs and marine animals such as hammerhead sharks and whales, but at some dive points, you can also find shipwrecks.

Well, those are some interesting tourist recommendations in Saudi Arabia. Hope you can visit it soon!