Not inferior to Europe, these are 10 snowy destinations in the Middle East

Not inferior to Europe, these are 10 snowy destinations in the Middle East

Maybe some of you have always identified the Middle East as desert and arid land. When winter comes, there are areas with a certain height in the Middle East that are also covered with thick snow.

Not inferior to those in Europe, several countries in the Middle East have also developed many ski resorts where you can experience snow games and sports.

Here are 10 snowy destinations in the Middle East that might be on your next vacation list.

  1. Located in the northern part of Saudi Arabia, Jabal Al Lawz or Mount Al Lawz is the highest mountain in Tabuk Province and it always snows during winter
  2. Located in Egypt, the city of Saint Catherine in the Sinai Mountains is always filled with snow in winter. This city has a lot of historical heritage
  3. Uludag is the oldest ski resort in Turkey and one of the most popular tourist attractions during winter in this country. The best time to visit this place is December to April
  4. Filled with snow in winter, Mzaar Ski Resort in Lebanon is the largest ski resort in the Middle East. Many interesting snow sports activities you can do here
  5. Developed in the 1920s, The Cedars is the oldest ski resort in Lebanon. This ski resort which is one of the main ski destinations in Lebanon is equipped with five ski lifts with a base height of 2025m and the highest altitude of 3086m
    Not inferior to Europe, these are 10 snowy destinations in the Middle East

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  1. Dizin is one of the ski resorts in Iran that has been developed since the 1960s during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
  2. Besides Uludag, Erciyes is one of the oldest ski resorts in Turkey. Located on Mount Erciyes, this ski resort is 80 kilometers from Cappadocia
  3. Ski Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is an indoor ski resort located at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. You can play in the snow and enjoy snow sports without having to wait for winter
  4. Located close to Toubkal Peak which is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden is suitable for those of you who want to feel the snow in Morocco. You don’t need a visa to enter this country
  5. Founded in 1974, at the Faqra Ski Resort in Lebanon you can ski and do many other winter activities. It is also near a site of Roman ruins as well as a 35-meter-long natural limestone bridge

Well, those are ten snowy destinations that you can find in the Middle East. It turns out that the Middle East also has many snowy areas and even ski resorts that are not inferior to those in Europe.

So, are you interested in adding the destinations above to your bucket list?