10 Most Crowded Religious Tourism in Saudi Arabia During Eid

10 Most Crowded Religious Tourism in Saudi Arabia During Eid

Saudi Arabia is known as the center of religious tourism for Muslims around the world. When performing Hajj or Umrah, several destinations must be visited, such as the Grand Mosque.

Not only the Grand Mosque but there are also many religious tourist destinations that you can visit. Usually, it gets busier during the Eid holidays, you know!

Curious where? Here are some of the busiest religious tours in Arabia!

  1. Jawatha Mosque became the first mosque built in eastern Saudi Arabia. That said, it was the place where the Black Stone was kept for 22 years
  2. Mount Uhud has a height of about 1,050 meters above sea level. This mountain became the burial place of 70 companions of the Prophet Muhammad who died during the Battle of Uhud
  3. The Prophet’s Mosque was built a year after the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. Inside the mosque complex, there is the tomb of the prophet, to Raudah or the garden of heaven
  4. The Quba Mosque is a must-visit while in Medina. This mosque is rumored to be the first place for Friday prayers led by the Prophet Muhammad SAW
  5. Jabal Rahmah became the meeting place of Prophet Adam and Siti Eve, after being separated for hundreds of years, because they ate khuldi fruit
  6. Jannat al-Baqi is known as the first Islamic cemetery in Medina. This place is also the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad’s friends and family
  7. Jabal Tsur has a small cave that was once used as a hiding place for the Prophet Muhammad when being chased by the Quraysh
  8. Hira Cave is above Jabal Al-Nur which is known as the place where the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation through the Angel Jibril
  9. Al-Qiblatain Mosque is where the Prophet Muhammad received revelations to change the Qibla from the al-Aqsa Mosque to the Grand Mosque. Finally, this mosque has the meaning of two Qiblas
  10. The Grand Mosque is called the holiest place for all Muslims. So the main destination for hajj and umrah for tawaf to sai

Well, those are some must-visit tours while in Saudi Arabia. These places are usually more crowded during Ramadan and Eid, the most crowded with Umrah pilgrims.

Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, so we can visit it in person again!