9 Tourist Destinations in Kelantan-Malaysia, the Enchantment Feasts the Eyes!

9 Tourist Destinations in Kelantan-Malaysia, the Enchantment Feasts the Eyes!

Kelantan is located in the northeast of the Malay Peninsula. This region is bordered by Perak, Pahang, Thailand, and the South China Sea. This one state is also known by the nickname Darul Naim, which means the Happy Home. So don’t be surprised if Kelantan is very suitable as a tourist destination to release all fatigue.

There are many attractions offered in Kelantan, such as historical tours, shopping to natural attractions.

For those of you who are interested in traveling to Kelantan, some of these tourist destinations can be chosen.

  1. Jelawang Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Malaysia with a height of 303 meters. Many interesting activities can be done around the waterfall, one of which is flying fox
  2. Lata Berangin Waterfall has a height of 120 meters. The location around the waterfall is often used as a place for camping
  3. Lata Kertas Waterfall is not the highest waterfall in Malaysia. But the flow of water and the scenery around it is very beautiful
  4. Cahaya Bulan Beach is one of the favorite places for Malaysians to spend the weekend. You can also see a beautiful sunset here
  5. Jahar Palace is now known as the Kelantan Royal Ceremony Museum. Inside there is a collection of costumes, and jewelry, to the genealogy of the Kelantan Kingdom
  6. Kampung Kraftangan is a typical Malaysian handicraft market. Here, visitors can buy various souvenirs such as wood carving, Malaysian batik, and other crafts
  7. Siti Khadijah Market is the right place to taste a variety of traditional Malaysian culinary delights, from main dishes to many cakes
  8. Guillemard Bridge is the longest railway bridge in Malaysia and the 2nd oldest after Victoria Perak Bridge. The frame is made of strong black steel
  9. Street Art Kota Bharu is the right place for art lovers. There are many murals that you can enjoy here. Generally themed culture and conditions in the Middle East

It turns out that there are many choices of tourist destinations in Kelanyan, yes. Among the places above, which tourist attraction would you most like to visit?