9 Fun to Visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia

9 Fun to Visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia

Who doesn’t know Sanrio’s cute characters, especially Hello Kitty? This cute and cute cat character from Japan has filled and accompanied your days, especially girls.

It is undeniable that since childhood you must have had at least one object with a Hello Kitty picture in the form of bedding sets, school kits, and cutlery. Not infrequently some people like this character until they grow up, you know!

If you are still loyal and in love with Hello Kitty, there is nothing wrong if you visit her “home”. You don’t have to go all the way to Japan, because in a neighboring country, Johor, Malaysia, Hello Kitty has opened a Sanrio Hello Kitty Town branch that you can visit anytime. Guaranteed when you get there you will be hysterical with joy because of excitement.

Located in Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbor 79000 Nusajaya, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is the first Hello Kitty “home” outside of Japan. What do you think you need to know and can do there?

  1. First of all, you need to know the access to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

There are many alternative roads to Johor, including the following:

From Singapore:
Two land routes can be passed from Singapore to Johor, namely Woodlands Checkpoint and Tuas 2nd Link. If you are at the Queen Street terminal, take SBS bus 170, Causeway Link Bus CW2, or Singapore-JB Express (SJE) to pass through Woodlands Checkpoint to stamp immigration out of Singapore.

Then go to the second checkpoint to stamp the entry stamp of Malaysia. Arriving at JB (Johor Bahru) Sentral, you can take the Causeway Link Bus LM1 to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

From Kuala Lumpur:
You can take a bus from Bersepadu Selatan Terminal in Bandar Tasik Selatan to Johor and get off at Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru. Then take the bus to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. Or take a plane from KLIA or KLIA2 directly to Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru and then take a taxi or online taxi directly to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

Direct flights to Johor Bahru :
Air Asia has opened several direct travel routes to Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru, including from Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. From the airport, you can take a taxi or an online taxi directly to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

  1. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is open every day except Tuesday, guys!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is open every day except Tuesdays from 10 am to 6 pm Malaysia time. The standard ticket price is RM 85/person. These tickets can be purchased on the Hello Kitty Town website.

Malaysian citizens will get a discount of 20 percent if they show MyKad (Malaysian ID card) and make purchases directly at the ticket counter. In addition, there is a savings package or two-park pass for RM 125 to enter Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town.

  1. Watch meet and greets, mini shows, and parades with Hello Kitty and the Sanrio characters

This meet and greet are held every day except Tuesday in the Dream Photo Garden area. The schedule includes alternating between Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Bad Badtz-Maru from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Meanwhile, mini shows are held in the Purrfect Stage area every day at 1 pm (weekdays) or 2 pm (weekends and school holidays/public holidays).

  1. Go on an adventure with Hello Kitty at the Hello Kitty in Oz. event

Have you seen the movie The Wizard of OZ? The 1939 film (to be sure we weren’t all born yet) is one of the best films of the 20th century and has been remade several times.

In Sanrio Hello Kitty, you will be invited on an adventure with Dorothy (the main character in the film) and her friends with a background several years after they defeated The Wicked Witch of the West (the evil witch from the west).

Hello Kitty, who plays the role of The Great Witch of Oz, must again fight to protect her country from the threat of Oz’s destruction. The Great Witch of Oz also asked for the help of Dorothy, her friends, and also the visitors to work together to overcome the chaos that occurred.

Each visitor will get a set of Hello Kitty figures which must be used when starting a challenge. Visitors must be able to complete four challenges within fifteen minutes to return to The Land of Oz and also take home a souvenir. Interesting right?

  1. Doing “very girly” activities at Wishful Studio

In Wishful Studio, you can do some fun activities that are “very girly”, including Jewelry Making, making various jewelry such as necklaces and pendants with cute shapes, Costume Dress Up, and taking pictures using the provided Hello Kitty costumes and Sanrio characters. Then there is Cookie Studio, decorating cookies in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head according to your wishes and of course, after finishing decorating you are allowed to eat them.

And Hello Kitty Badge Making, making Hello Kitty badges in various colors. So much fun right?

  1. Exploring Hello Kitty House, it’s really cute!

Hello, Kitty House is every visitor’s favorite place. Here you are free to explore the entire contents of Hello Kitty’s house, from the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, to wardrobe.

It is guaranteed that you will often scream with excitement when you see cute and cute Hello Kitty items, such as clothes, cutlery, cooking utensils, aprons, computers, photo collections on the walls, and beds. Cuteness overload!

  1. Nostalgic childhood by riding the Tea Cup Rides

Here, you can reminisce about your childhood (or maybe you’ve never ridden one when you were a kid) while sitting comfortably in a teacup with a picture of Hello Kitty running and circling. Don’t want to lose to the little brothers next to you.

  1. Hungry after a long day in circles? You can take a break while having lunch at The Cinnamoroll Café and Red Bow Cafe

The Cinnamoroll Café is a cafe themed on Cinnamoroll, one of the Sanrio characters and Hello Kitty’s best friend. This cafe is located inside Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and serves a variety of Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty-themed snacks and drinks, such as Hello Kitty waffles, Hello Kitty nasi lemak, and Hello Kitty fried rice.

Meanwhile, Red Bow Cafe is located outside the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town area but is still in the Puteri Harbor complex. The cafe also serves a variety of Hello Kitty-themed cakes, food, and drinks. As in the picture above, guaranteed you won’t have the heart to eat it!

  1. Don’t forget to buy merchandise at the Official Hello Kitty Merchandise Store

Here you can buy all kinds of Hello Kitty merchandise such as dolls, drinking containers, t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, bags, a set of cutlery, lunch boxes, pencil cases, ear warmers, gloves, and much more.

  1. Still feel at home here and can’t move on? You can stay at the Jen Hotel and book a Hello Kitty-themed room

Jen Hotel is located in the same complex as Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. If you have more budget, you can stay at this hotel because it provides Hello Kitty-themed deluxe and premier rooms. You will feel at home for a long time here!

For Jen’s Hello Kitty deluxe themed room, you can choose several themes, namely Sailor Hello Kitty, Oz chapter room, and Hello Kitty pink series room. The room rate is RM 755 or around Rp. 2,600,000.00 per night including breakfast for two adults.

Meanwhile, premier rooms are larger and more spacious than deluxe rooms, making them suitable for a single-family stay. It also includes a double bed and sofa in the children’s room, adjoining the master bedroom. The room rate is RM 1135 or around Rp. 3,900,000.00 per night including breakfast for two adults. How, interested to stay here?