7 Recommended Delicious Foods in Penang Malaysia, You Must Try!

7 Recommended Delicious Foods in Penang Malaysia, You Must Try!

Located in Malaysia, Penang is one of the most frequented destinations for Indonesians. Not only for holidays, but Penang is also famous for its medical technology advancements. This causes many people to visit Penang for treatment or to check their health.

Not only that, but Penang is also famous for its mouthwatering culinary delights. If you stop by Penang, you should take the time to taste a variety of local foods like some of the ones below.

  1. Char kway teow

Char kway teow is similar to noodle kwetiaw. The texture of the noodles is soft and flat. In addition, char kway teow usually contains pieces of chicken, vegetables, and some shrimp.

  1. Rojak

Rojak is a food that you must try while on vacation to Penang. In Indonesia, rojak is the same as fruit salad.

This rojak from Malaysia consists of several pieces of star fruit, mango, pineapple, and cucumber. The seasoning is even more concentrated and contains soy sauce to add flavor.

  1. Pasemburs

Some places in Malaysia consider rojak and pasembur to be the same kind of food. However, rojak and pasembur are considered two different kinds of food in Penang.

Rojak contains more pieces of fruit, while Pasembur contains several pieces of vegetables, potatoes, and fried tofu. The sauces have different textures and flavors. Has anyone tried both?

  1. Nasi Kandar

Haven’t been to Penang if you haven’t tried Nasi Kandar. You will find this culinary easily because many restaurants sell it.

Nasi kandar is served with various side dishes that you can choose for yourself. For example with a side dish of chicken, shrimp, squid, and a few pieces of meat. The seasoning tastes great!

  1. Tamarind

This noodle dish is created from a blend of Chinese and Malay cultures. There are various types of laksa scattered in various regions.

Asam laksa is one type that you can easily find in Penang. The sour laksa sauce has a fresh taste, the noodle texture is round and thick. Be careful it’s addictive!

  1. Ice chendul

Have you eaten a heavy meal? Now it’s time to move on to a refreshing dessert.

At first glance, es chendul is similar to Indonesian es cendol. Some of the fillings include boiled red beans, white bread, Melaka sugar syrup, and the cendol itself.

  1. Peanut Ice

Last but not least, if you’ve tried es chendul, you can also try Penang diced peanuts. This one ice consists of red beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, agar-agar, shavings of ice cubes doused in syrup, and sweetened condensed milk. Hmm, make me drool!

Of the seven Penang specialties above, have you tried any?