5 Scariest Buildings in Malaysia, Makes Goosebumps!

5 Scariest Buildings in Malaysia, Makes Goosebumps!

Every country must have a scary story that develops in society. Malaysia is no exception. Even though the country has developed and the society is modern, the majority of people still believe in ghosts that await abandoned and old buildings.

Have you ever heard of Villa Nabila in Johor Baru or the famous Kellie’s Castle? If not, let’s read the 5 scariest buildings in Malaysia below.

Watch out, make goosebumps!

  1. Villa Nabila

Located in Johor, Malaysia, there is Villa Nabila which is super spooky. According to the story, this villa was once occupied by a family with a maid.

However, due to a problem, the maid killed the entire family and buried the bodies around the villa. Some say that the murder that occurred at Villa Nabila was caused by robbers.

Due to unnatural killings, the villa owner’s spirit then wandered there. Well, now this luxurious two-story building looks neglected and it’s getting scary because it’s always dark.

  1. Mona Fandey’s house

Mona Fandey is a Malaysian pop singer from the 90s. Although famous as a singer, Mona switched professions to become a shaman. Well, in 1993, Mona Fandey was proven to have murdered politician Mazlan Idris in a magical ritual of doubling the money.

At first, Mona Fandey and her husband performed a mystical ritual so that the politician’s money doubled and he had great power. Unfortunately, then Mazlan Idris finished off. His body was dismembered into 18 parts and buried in the yard.

Although Mona Fandey was executed in 2001, her house has remained untouched to this day. Even the ghostbusters and supernatural investigators there say that the house still has a very dark aura.

  1. Kellie’s Castle

Built as a symbol of love for his wife and children, who would have thought that Kellie’s Castle would become one of the scariest buildings in Malaysia. Built by William Kellie-Smith, this building was abandoned by his wife and children because they seemed to be witnesses to the bad events that happened to them. Starting from a failed attempt and the death of William himself at the age of 56 years.

After being abandoned by the Kellie family for a long time, the building that looks dashing and romantic has become a place of torture and murder by the Japanese invaders.

Many claims to have seen the spirit of Kellie Smith on the second floor of the building. Other ghosts are no less terrible are there. If you dare come, don’t you?

  1. Mimaland

Mimaland, located in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia, is an amusement park that was once very coveted by children as their playground. Unfortunately, Mimaland did not live long and permanently closed in 1994. Even now his condition is disorganized and sad.

Various tragic events occurred there, such as the news of the death of a tourist from Singapore for no reason to a landslide that hit the recreation area. Since its abandonment, Mimaland has been overgrown with shrubs and vines, adding to its feel of horror.

Many say that Mimaland is a building cursed because of the many bad things that happened. Even so, there are still many who come to Mimaland, especially those who like mystery and challenging stories.

  1. Pudu Jail

Talking about prison is scary enough, especially if it’s a haunted prison, right? This is a picture of Pudu Jail. Although it has been destroyed and abandoned since 2009, many strange events are still “left behind” there.

Pudu Jail was built during British colonial rule and has held more than 2000 prisoners of the Second World War. So, don’t be surprised if there are many terrible stories from this place. Starting from the heat and cold the same time felt by visitors, to often heard screams from the execution room even though it was empty.

Duh, so goosebumps after reading the reviews above! These buildings are witnesses to human cruelty and hopefully, we can learn from them. So, are you interested in visiting these buildings?