5 Most Attractive Tours in Kuching, Malaysia, Makes You Feel At Home!

5 Most Attractive Tours in Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching is a city located in Malaysia. This city which has a cat icon offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere so it is suitable as a family vacation spot or just to unwind.

In addition, easy access roads and good city planning are the main attraction for tourists to come here in droves. Here are five tourist attractions in Kuching, Malaysia that stole the most attention.

  1. Kuching Orchid Garden

Kuching Orchid Garden is a city park that presents a beautiful horticultural and botanical tourism theme. Most of the collection is Bornean species consisting of epiphytes and terrestrial orchids.

The number of orchid plants reached 79 thousand plants consisting of 112 species and orchid hybrids. Some very famous orchid plants are the lady slipper, green orchid, and black orchid.

  1. Fort Margherita

Fort Margherita is a fort built in 1879 by Charles Brooke and is one of the important landmarks in Kuching City. The fort is named after Charles Brooke’s wife, Margaret Alice Lili de Windt.

In addition to using land vehicles, to get here you can also take a boat across the Sarawak River for 10 minutes from the Main Bazaar.

  1. Kuching Airport Mosque

The Kuching Airport Mosque is an old grand mosque that became an icon of the state of Sarawak. This mosque was built in 1852 with materials derived from wood.

Even though it is more than a hundred years old, the mosque building is still very strong today. The area of ​​the mosque reaches 4 hectares. At the back of the mosque, you can see the Sarawak River which flows smoothly.

An unusual sight from the mosque which can accommodate four thousand worshipers is the thousands of ancient tombstones scattered in the courtyard of the mosque. Previously, this was an old burial place for the people of Kampong Air.

  1. Paint Museum

Malaysians call this place the Cat Museum. Those of you who claim to be cat lovers must visit the museum with an area of ​​​​1,035 square meters while in Malaysia.

Inside there are more than four thousand objects related to cats. Some of these include cat mummies from Egypt, cartoon cat characters Hello Kitty, Garfield, Whisker, Friskies, poster creation, clothing, stamps, postcards, and other cat-themed items.

  1. Serikin Market

After being satisfied exploring the tourist attractions in Kuching, now is the time to buy souvenirs for the family at home. The right place to stop is Serikin Market. At first glance, the appearance of this market will remind you of one of the markets in the Cihampelas area, Bandung.

Serikin Market sells a variety of goods at very low prices. Some of them even come from Indonesia, such as Lombok and Papua.

Who would have thought if it turns out that Kuching City in Malaysia has many tourist attractions whose charms are amazing? The recommended tourist attractions above can be a reference for your vacation while in Malaysia.