21 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions When Visiting Melaka

21 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions When Visiting Melaka, Malaysia

It is a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, making Melaka one of the state cities of Malaysia that is easily accessible to tourists. There are many interesting places in this city that has high historical value. For your information, in 2008 Melaka and George Town were awarded by UNESCO as World Heritage City.

Well, if you travel to Melaka, you must visit the following 21 tourist attractions.

  1. A Famosa

Located under St. Hill. Paul, A Famosa is a Portuguese fort in Melaka. The meaning of Famosa is famous. The fort is the oldest European architectural fort in Asia. And, until the publication of this article, only a gate called Porta de Santiago remains, which is part of A Famosa.

What can be seen? Here, you can see some of the existing cannons. Although you can only see the rest of the buildings from A Famosa Fort and some cannons, when you visit Malacca, you must visit here. At least to get instagramable photos.

  1. Church of St. Francis Xavier

The church, which was built in 1849, is located on one side of the Melaka River. Built to commemorate the services of Saint Francis Xavier in Melaka. Who was then a Catholic missionary commissioned by John III, King of Portugal at that time? Church of St. Francis Xavier had undergone renovations in 1963 to replace some parts of the building that were not intact.

Despite the age of the Church of St. Francis Xavier is old, but still used for worship by Catholics. This church has an old school too and is the oldest / first school in the Malay Peninsula.

  1. Small alleys around Jonker Street

In the small alleys around Jonker Street, there are many typical Melaka buildings with street art on some corners. Yes, Melaka is also popular for its street paintings. Uniquely, his paintings are not in a crowded place, but on the walls of people’s homes. Very suitable for instagramable photo backgrounds.

Street art on the walls of houses in Melaka can also be seen along the Melaka River when crossing it on a Melaka River Cruise.

  1. Jonker Walk or Jonker Street

When visiting Melaka on the weekend, must visit Jonker Walk. The area will be very crowded with tourists and locals. And of course, it will be filled with street vendors selling food, souvenirs, and more. It was special on Saturday and Sunday nights.

If you are lucky, you can also see a stage show. In fact, during the day Jonker Walk is also crowded. Because it is a tourist center in Melaka. The location is close to Red Square, only need to cross the Melaka River from Red Square.

  1. Cheng Hoon Teng. Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is located on Jl. Shop No. 25, Malacca City is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. The meaning of name of the temple is Green Cloud Temple. There are three systems of doctrine practiced, namely Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

In 2003, Cheng Hoon Teng was awarded an award from UNESCO for outstanding architectural restoration.

  1. Maritime Museum

Melaka has many museums. One of the most popular museums to visit is the Maritime Museum or the Ocean Museum. The museum is in the form of a very large Flor de La Mar ship. Inside, stored various artifacts and documentation of maritime history and trade in Melaka since the 15th century.

In addition, the Maritime Museum can also see various ship dioramas. There are also old paintings and maps.

  1. Melaka Straits Mosque

This mosque is so unique! The location is above the Malacca Strait. When viewed, this mosque seems to be floating. The architecture of the building is a mix of Middle Eastern and Malay styles. The construction cost is estimated at RM 10 million.

The Melaka Straits Mosque can accommodate up to 2000 worshipers. And special, the mosque is also open to non-Muslim tourists who want to see its beauty.

  1. Melaka Zoo

Melaka Zoo is a 22 ha zoological park. More than 1,200 animals from 215 species found in Africa and Southeast Asia can be found here. Built-in 1963, initially managed by the Melaka State Government. However, in 1979 the management of the Melaka Zoo was taken over by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

The main attractions of the Melaka Zoo are the Sumatran Rhino, Gaur / Indian Bison / Seladang, Tiger, Deer, and Deer. The best time to visit is in the morning when the animals are waiting for food. After eating, the animal will spend time resting or sleeping.

Melaka Zoo also organizes night safaris every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The main purpose of the night safari is that visitors to see the nightlife of the animals. The activity is carried out between 8:00 and 11:30 pm. For the number of visitors, Melaka Zoo reaches 400,000 people per year.

  1. Taming Sari Tower

Just come to the Taming Sari Tower if you want to see Melaka from a height of 80 meters. The maximum height of the tower is 110 meters. For one batch to go up, the observation room can accommodate up to 66 people. And, the observation room can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Officially opened on 18 April 2008, costing RM 24 million. Taming Sari Tower is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

  1. Morten Village

If you take the Melaka River Cruise, you will see a row of traditional houses in one place. And it’s called Morten Village, the only traditional village in Melaka. In the village, there are at least 100 traditional Malay houses that still survive. Not only his house, but his way of life is still thick with traditional culture.

Want to stay at Morten Village? Can! Because several houses are used as homestays for tourists who want to feel closer to Malay culture.

  1. Baba Nyonya Museum

The Baba Nyonya Museum is very interesting to visit. Because explaining the story of the Peranakan family in Melaka. The Peranakans were the result of the marriages of Chinese merchants with Malay women. Boys are called Baba, while girls are called Mrs.

The Baba Nyonya Museum is in a two-story house belonging to the Chan family and has been inhabited for four generations. It was only in 1985 that it was converted into a museum. Until the publication of this article, when you are in the museum, you are not allowed to take pictures except in the front room of the museum.

  1. Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

This building is a modern reconstruction based on Malay historical records which were built in 1984 and are now a cultural museum. Inside, displays the history of the region. The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum was officially opened to the public on 17 July 1986 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Located at the foot of St. Hill. Paul, the whole building is made of hardwood. Meanwhile, the roof is made of belian / ironwood.

  1. Submarine Museum

Melaka also has a museum that is no less exotic. Where the 1979 submarine was made into a cool museum after it stopped operating. Although, inside this place is very cramped like a real submarine. So, don’t be surprised when the holiday season there are lots of travelers coming and going.

At certain hours, tourists will hear the submarine siren which can only be heard on this ship. And there are also several cannons on board.

  1. Klebang Beach

This beach is a dream for Malays who want to enjoy the nuances of exotic nature. When you arrive at Klebang Beach, don’t miss to enjoy a refreshing drink. Namely, the Original Coconut Shake which is often the talk of Malaysian citizens. Very fitting if you drink it when the sun is hot.

Klebang Beach is very elegant and suitable for resting after being tired of walking and playing. With calm waves, many people choose this beach to spend their weekends.

  1. Tanjung Bidara Beach

Tanjung Bidara Beach area is quite gentle, the sand is white and very friendly for all ages. This beach is also equipped with various facilities. Call it a food court, bathrooms, surau, children’s playground, parking lots, and public toilets for the convenience of its visitors.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if many family groups choose this area as a vacation spot.

  1. Red Square

This is the most iconic region in Melaka. Here, you can see various red buildings. Namely, Christ Church Melaka, which was built in 1753 still stands strong and regularly holds mass. Next to it is the Ethnographic Museum which used to be the Stadthuys which served as the Dutch government city hall building.

Nearby there is also a clock tower called Tan Beng Swee. The name is taken from the name of a sugih trader from China in Melaka. There is also a Victoria Fountain in the Red Square area. In addition, you can also get around the tourist area of ​​Melaka by riding a decorative trishaw.

And, those who want to bring home souvenirs from Melaka, don’t need to be confused either. Because lots of gift shops.

  1. St. John’s Fort

It is a private Portuguese chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Then, it was rebuilt by the Dutch in the 18th century and used as a fortress. St. John’s Fort has several cannons pointing towards the mainland. Because at that time the attack on Melaka came from the land, not from the sea.

  1. St. Paul Hill & Church

Although you will only see the ruins of a church building with a statue of Francis Xavier on the front, St. Paul Hill & Church managed to lure many tourists to visit it. According to history, it was originally just a chapel until it became a large church. The church was built in 1521 and is the oldest church in Malaysia, even in Southeast Asia.

Around St. Paul H & Church there is a Dutch cemetery. In addition, from St. Hill Paul can see the city view. And, this place is also the right location to enjoy the sunset in Melaka.

  1. Melaka River

Since long ago, Melaka has been known as a trading center in Asia thanks to the Melaka River. Well, when you go to Melaka, you can also go around the river using the Melaka River Cruise. During the 45-minute journey, you can see various interesting things in Melaka.

For example, the combination of modern and traditional buildings as well as many cool murals in the City of Melaka.

  1. Bustel

In Melaka, there is an inn called Bustel aka Bus Hotel. The inn was made from a used bus that was turned into a hotel. The location is on Dataran 1 Malaysia, Klebang Beach. The facilities provided are not inferior to star hotels.

  1. Masbro Village Homestay

Want an anti-mainstream stay? Come to Kampung Paya Rumput which is located about 7 km from downtown Melaka. The name of the place to stay is Masbro Village Homestay which has several units of beautiful colorful houses. The facilities are also quite complete and can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

Are you ready to explore Melaka?