Want More Insights? Visit These 5 Museums in Adelaide-Australia!

Want More Insights? Visit These 5 Museums in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital and largest city in the state of South Australia. This coastal city is quite popular because it has many interesting places that make it a destination for tourists when vacation time arrives.

One of the attractions that are often found in this city is the museum. Yes, the museum is still the main attraction for the city of Adelaide.

There are many interesting museums that you must visit while in this city. Anything? Here’s the list.

  1. South Australian Museum

Founded in 1856, the South Australian Museum is a natural history museum and home to some of Adelaide’s research findings. It is located in the North Terrace building complex which is a cultural area in the Adelaide Parklands.

Incredibly, this museum can accommodate more than 4 million collectibles and the main attraction is the collection of cultural artifacts from Aboriginal tribes.

There is also a giant carving that is said to have been made by the original Aboriginal artist himself.

  1. Migration Museum

The Migration Museum is one of three museums operated by the South Australian Institute of History. The collections of this museum are always related to immigration and the history of how settlements in southern Australia were formed.

Opened in November 1986, the establishment of this museum was initiated by the state government to promote cultural diversity as well as multiculturalism.

The Migration Museum also has many programs or activities related to education.

  1. Art Gallery of South Australia

It has more than 45,000 extraordinary works of art, making the Art Gallery of South Australia one of the best museums in the country. The museum, commonly known as AGSA, is located next to the South Australian Museum, which is part of the North Terrace cultural area.

As well as being known for its stunning native Australian art, AGSA also regularly organizes annual events such as the Contemporary Aboriginal Art Festival and the Torres Strait Islander, better known as Tarnanthi.

Interesting right?

  1. South Australian Maritime Museum

As the name implies, the South Australian Maritime Museum is a museum dedicated to the marine history of South Australia. Here the visitors are offered a variety of unique activities. One of them is climbing the Port Adelaide Lighthouse which has been built in the mid-19th century.

Today, the museum’s collection has reached 20,000 objects dating from different ages since it opened in 1986. It is also one of the most popular maritime museums in Australia today.

  1. National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is claimed to be the largest rail museum in all of Australia. This is the best tourist destination for train lovers all over the world. At least, there are more than 100 locomotives on display in this museum.

The most interesting attraction not to be missed from this museum is the historic train ride and the 2-kilometer waterfront trail from the Semaphore to Fort Glanville. Of course, it will be the most memorable experience when you visit there.

Those are some of the best museums that can broaden your horizons while on vacation in Adelaide. In your opinion, which museum will you visit first?