Just One Day in Wollongong Australia, Try This Most Exciting Thing!

Just One Day in Wollongong Australia, Try This Most Exciting Thing!

If you hear the word Australia, surely what comes to your mind is the beauty of the Opera House in Sydney or the peace of Melbourne. But very rarely the name of the city of Wollongong is mentioned. Whereas in this city, you will find a beauty that is not inferior to the big cities in Australia, you know.

Wollongong is a city surrounded by beaches and mountains in Australia. The north side of the Tasman Sea faces this one city, plus the splendor of the Illawarra Mountains you can see immediately when you set foot here.

If you only have a day in Wollongong, there are several destinations that you must visit. This time IDN Times had the opportunity to visit it with Garuda Indonesia and Tourism Australia.

  1. Hang out with native Australian animals at Symbio Wildlife Park

Here, you can interact with various typical Australian animals. The entrance fee for adults is 34 Australian dollars or Rp. 357 thousand, while for children 19 Australian dollars is Rp. 199 thousand.

Upon entry, you will be given kangaroo food. The first spot that you must see is Harry The Koala. This friendly koala is three years old. Visitors are allowed to stroke their fur and take pictures with them. However, Harry, The Koala likes to sleep up to 10-18 hours. So, don’t force yourself to wake up.

  1. Explore the Sea Cliff Bridge and Bald Hill Lookout

Opened in 2005, the Sea Cliff Bridge is a long bridge that stands between the mountains and the sea. The view that you will get here is amazing.

The best vehicle to explore it is by trike or on foot. Be careful, the wind here is quite strong and cold. So wear thick clothes.

Bald Hill Lookout is a hill to enjoy direct ocean views. You can also have a picnic here while enjoying the breeze. If the wind is not too strong, you can even go parasailing here.

  1. Enter the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) aircraft museum

Founded in 1979, the museum is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve the history of Australian aircraft. Since its establishment until now, all workers in the museum are volunteers. The total is about 600 people with various professions, ranging from pilots, mechanical engineers, journalists, and so on.

Because it is not paid for by the government, this museum operates from visitor fees, fund-raising, or airplane rental fees if there are events. All the planes in this museum have a story, you know. You can find planes from the events of World War II. The plane that arrived is more or less in bad condition, so the volunteer technicians here will repair it so that it can return to function and become a historical witness.

The interesting thing about this museum, you will feel how to walk on the wings of a Boeing 747. Armed with safety ropes and non-slip carpet, you can feel the sensation of standing on an airplane.

You can also take pictures in the cockpit of the plane. The Boeing 747 in the museum is the record holder with the fastest flight, which is 12 minutes. Flying from 1988 to 2011, the aircraft was powered by four engines. When you see it, you will feel the splendor of this two-story plane!

From Sydney to Wollongong, you only need to travel 1.5 hours by car. So don’t miss the charm of this beautiful little town. Besides Wollongong, various Australian destinations are no less beautiful.