Here are 5 Road Trip Destinations in Australia that You Must Try!

Here are 5 Road Trip Destinations in Australia that You Must Try!

Vacations are indeed a ‘magic spell’ that can make you happy. Who has missed so much for a vacation? IDN Times knows how you feel. Eits, but be patient, after the pandemic is over, you can go on vacation again. Well, while you’re saving, there’s nothing wrong with planning a vacation abroad. What’s more, planning a road trip for your vacation will be fun, right!

Shhh, it’s okay to fantasize first, right? 5 great road trip destinations
you must try when traveling to Australia. Let’s go!

  1. Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route, New South Wales to Queensland

Your adventure will start in Sydney and end in Brisbane. This trip will
cover 1,000 KM which you can enjoy in 9 days. You can explore the famous wineries in the Hunter Valley, continue to enjoy the vast dunes, and swim with dolphins in Port Stephens. Furthermore, you can skydive over Byron Bay at sunrise and meet a variety of cute wildlife too!

  1. Exciting trip around Tasmania

A road trip around Tasmania will take 6 days in distance
travel 1,158 KM along Tasmania’s east coast. You can start and end
driving in the capital of Hobart. The route you will pass is from Hobart – Freycinet National Park – Launceston – Stanley – Cradley Mountain – Strahan – Hobart. Along the way, you can enjoy beaches, and lush fern forests, to taste the freshest seafood in Tasmania.

  1. Great Southern Touring Route in Victoria

Exploring along Victoria’s southern coast, learn about Aboriginal history, enjoy the towering cliffs of Grampians National Park, and get up close to wildlife species at Werribee Open Range Zoo, you’ll also pass through the Surf Coast, the birthplace of Australia’s surf culture, and sample seafood firsthand. from the source.

You can enjoy all these things by traveling along 846 KM in just 6 days, you guys! Road trips are fun, but apart from that, Australia still has a myriad of destinations that you can enjoy according to your style!

Just check out the Tourism Australia website, which you can access here! Tour
You can list culture, culinary, to season-appropriate tours from now on, guys. Come on, plan your vacation now!

  1. Coral Coast in Western Australia

You can start your Coral Coast, Western Australia road trip by driving north of Perth. During the trip, you will see stunning views of the Indian Ocean, along the beautiful wilderness of the Kalbarri National Park canyon which is famous for its spectacular natural scenery. Don’t forget to also visit, Kalbarri Skywalk to get an unforgettable experience. Oh yes, this location is really popular on Instagram!

Then, you can visit Monkey Mia to swim with the whale sharks, and see
Dolphins. For 10 days, it doesn’t feel like you will pass 2,800 KM you know! Very cool

  1. Great Beach Drive, Queensland

For those of you who want to enjoy a short road trip with just 4 days with a distance of 419 KM. You can travel on the Great Beach Drive route. Although short, this trip is quite challenging, you know by passing through the sandy roads.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy the colorful cliffs at Rainbow Beach, explore
Fraser Island is listed as a UNESCO world heritage, and if you’re lucky you can
met migrating humpback whales in Hervey Bay.

Interesting, guys, recommendations for five road trip destinations in Australia this time. Oh yes, you can enjoy this road trip with your best friend!