7 Travel Recommendations You Must Try When You Visit Australia’s Gold Coast

7 Travel Recommendations You Must Try When You Visit Australia’s Gold Coast

One of the countries that should be considered a holiday destination is Australia. This country that is synonymous with kangaroos and koalas has a myriad of natural tourist destinations and entertainment venues that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Especially in Queensland, it is guaranteed that you will not run out of lists of tourist attractions to visit. One of them is the famous Gold Coast as marine tourism in Australia.

This piece of quiet “paradise” on the east coast of Australia is a must on your travel bucket list. Here are seven places you must visit when you are on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia!

  1. Dream World

On your way from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, check out the Dreamworld theme park. Yup, like amusement parks in general, there are lots of fun rides here. One of the most interesting and you must try is Sky Voyager.

Sky Voyager is a 4D cinema with the concept as if the audience was boarding a jet plane. Well, the fun is, that the passengers will be invited to tour various parts of the Australian continent.

You will have a very exciting experience, even if you only watch a video. Because everything we watch feels very real. In an instant, you can know how beautiful the charm of natural tourism in Australia is.

  1. SkyPoint Observation Deck

Do you like challenging attractions and testing your adrenaline? SkyPoint Observation Deck is a place that you must visit.

You will climb the top of the Q1 tower, one of the tallest buildings in Australia. Very challenging and enough to make goosebumps when you make it to the top of the building.

However, believe me, no struggle betrays the final result. Arriving at the top of SkyPoint, you will be lulled by a view that is so beautiful and amazing.

The combination of scenery, clear blue skies, vast serene beaches, and unique Gold Coast city planning will blow your mind. Don’t worry, you will be equipped with safe clothes and safety equipment.

The guide will accompany you and tell you exciting things about SkyPoint and the Gold Coast. You can book tickets and find detailed information at https://www.skypoint.com.au/.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

The Gold Coast and the surrounding areas are arguably a very quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The natural scenery is so charming, it’s a loss if we don’t enjoy the scenery in the best way.

Hot air balloon rides are one of the best ways to experience the beautiful landscapes of Queensland, Australia. Depart from Surfer Paradise at around 03:00 am local time, heading to the rural area of ​​Gleneagle.

Arriving at the location, the hot air balloon is ready and waiting for you to fly together. From the top of the hot air balloon, you can be content to enjoy rural views on the outskirts of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, views of Mount Tamborine, and Lamington National Park.

So beautiful, guaranteed you will not be willing to blink for a moment. For reservations to ride this hot air balloon, you can visit the official website at https://www.hotair.com.au/gold-coast.

  1. Sea World Gold Coast

Surely Sea World on the Gold Coast is different from the one in Jakarta, both from the attractions of the game and the sea animals that you can see. You can see many sea animals that you may have never seen before. Starting from various types of penguins, jellyfish, turtles, rays, and sharks. It will certainly add to your insight as well.

There is one more thing that is most special and should not be missed, namely Sea World Helicopter Tours. Imagine you are traveling above the Gold Coast city in a helicopter?

It will be a very amazing experience. You can see river canals, beautiful coastal landscapes, and even Skypoint!

  1. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

I can’t believe it feels like a vacation to Australia but not taking the time to see the life of the endemic animals there. You must stop by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which is located at 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin.

Exploring and gaining knowledge about animals endemic to Australia, such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, platypuses, and echidnas, is the most fun activity. When else can you see these animals in one location at once if not here?

Interestingly, at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a special hospital for animals, you know. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is very serious about handling animals that need intensive care due to serious injuries.

When the tragedy of the forest fires hit Australia at the end of 2019, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital was quick to accommodate and care for koalas and other animals that were victims of the ferocious forest fires. Currumnin Wildlife Sanctuary also accepts donations for the treatment and healing costs of sick animals, you know. Check the official website directly at https://currumbinsanctuary.com.au/hospital!

  1. Jet Boat Extreme

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the river canals on the beautiful and calm Gold Coast by taking a ferry. If that feels less exciting, you can try taking the Jet Boat Extreme.

Yup, as the name implies, this Jet Boat Extreme will take you down the river canal to the estuary at a very fast speed and maneuver several times until you are soaked. Guaranteed to be very fun! Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

You can directly come to Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise. Departure schedules include 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, and 15:00 local time. You can order directly online at https://www.jetboatextreme.com.au/prices-and-packages.htm.

  1. Surfer Paradise

If you have set foot in Surfer Paradise, it means you have officially entered Gold Coast City. Surfer Paradise itself is a famous district and a tourist destination for surfers.

As the name implies, Surfer Paradise is located on the beach. There are many shopping places and restaurants.

Well, you can shop for souvenirs for your family and friends here. Shops that sell souvenirs at very affordable prices will not drag your wallet. Don’t miss out on the delicious food there too!

Those are some recommendations for tourist attractions on the Gold Coast, Australia, that you really must try, especially for those of you who like nature tourism and adventure travel. Make sure Gold Coast, Australia, is added to your travel bucket list!