6 Travel Destinations in Australia That Match Your Favorite Season!

6 Travel Destinations in Australia That Match Your Favorite Season!

I miss traveling! Surely you too right? Moreover, traveling to a country that has many seasons. You can’t get that experience in a country that only has two seasons. So, this is the right time to make plans to travel abroad, one of which is Australia. Before you plan to travel there, you must find out about this kangaroo country.

Come on, see what tours you can visit according to the season. Check this out!

  1. Winter, June-August

If you have the opportunity to vacation in Australia during winter, this one place must be included in your list. Australian Alps, which is the highest mountain range in Australia. The mountains cover the state of New South Wales, the Australian capital region, and Victoria and include 16 national parks and reserves.

Besides the Australian Alps, winter destinations that are in great demand by travelers are Mount Buller (Mount Buller) and Mount Hotham (Mount Hotham). You can try extreme sports at this location, such as skiing or snowboarding. You can enjoy not only extreme sports, but you can also horse riding, fishing, and even cycling.

  1. Spring, September-November

Entering September and October, there is an interesting festival in the Australian capital, Canberra. Here is the largest flower festival called Floriade, which includes an exciting program of horticultural, music, and entertainment workshops.

Canberra is also known as one of the best places for hot air balloon tours in the world, you can experience flying over the city at a fresh spring sunrise before spending the afternoon visiting the city’s museums. You can also enjoy ‘bathing in the sun while having a picnic, renting a GoBoat, and sailing on Lake Burley Griffin.

Spring is the perfect time to visit local wineries and indulge in lunch at a scenic vineyard in the countryside. Can you imagine how fun it would be to spend spring here?

  1. Rainy season, November-April

Nitmiluk Gorge is located in the Nitmiluk National Park area, about a three-hour drive from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Nitmiluk Gorge has a view of a stretch of cliffs that are ready to ‘pamper’ your eyes.

The soaring sandstone walls of Nitmiluk Gorge and its surroundings provide stunning views, which are best enjoyed by taking a sunrise or sunset cruise, renting a canoe, or crossing it by helicopter to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

  1. Dry season, May-October

Want to enjoy the view of the beach and the sea to fulfill your vitamin sea needs? Here it is. Tropical North Queensland is touted as the ‘relaxed’ region in Australia. Not only beautiful scenery, but you can also enjoy the warmth of the sun under a comfortable 25 Celsius (77 F).

Not to mention there are various choices of comfortable places to stay with soothing sea views. Tropical North Queensland is also suitable as a destination for couples who want to honeymoon.

In addition, while in the Tropical North Queensland area, you can also visit Cairns, Port Douglas which is an area with access to the Great Barrier Reef. This location is perfect for those of you who like snorkeling or diving, guys!

  1. Summer, December-February

Summer in Australia, you can enjoy by visiting Sydney. This is the time for you to explore beautiful beaches with exciting activities. You can sunbathe, and learn to surf at Bondi Beach. In Sydney, you can also go on cross-country trips accompanied by a guide to the Figure 8 Pools in the Instagram-famous Royal National Park, you guys!

  1. Autumn, March-May

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is known as the ‘gem’ of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage area and is undeniably one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks. The view from the top of Cradle Mountain to the waters of Cradle Lake is a wilderness experience that will always accompany you.

Not only is the view from the top beautiful, but here you can also experience climbing the Overland Track and enjoy the view of the galaxy filled with stars at night.

Oh yes, if this is your first vacation, IDN Times recommends taking a peek at the Tourism Australia website! Why? You see, not only the six destinations above that you can visit, there is still a myriad of other destinations in Australia that you must know. Have a picnic so you don’t panic!