5 Beautiful Marine Destinations in Australia, Can See Sunset!

5 Beautiful Marine Destinations in Australia, Can See Sunset!

Australia is famous for its tourist destinations. Starting from architectural buildings, and mountains, to beaches. Besides being famous, the places are also instagrammable, making tourists not hesitate to come and take pictures.

With a beautiful view, you can feel more relaxed and breathe fresh air. Here are 5 beautiful marine natural tourist destinations in Australia.

  1. Coral Coast

Coral Coast is suitable for traveling with families of all ages. Not only beaches that can be enjoyed, but you can also take a tour around and eat lobster at the Lobster Shack restaurant.

Walking among landscapes that look like the moon is also there! You can get beautiful and unique memories on the Coral Coast.

  1. South West

The South West is a very large place. Here, there is Margaret River which has an area of ​​110 kilometers. You can also visit Margaret Farmers Market, which provides local products.

For those who are lucky, visitors can see blue whales, dolphins, and rare birds from June to August. It is located south of Augusta in the South West.

  1. Rottenest Island

Away from the crowds, you can breathe fresh air in peace. Rottenest Island provides a ferry for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the sea for 25 minutes.

Not only that but Rottenest Island is also known as Pinky Beach because of the color of the seawater which sometimes turns pink. Exciting activities can also be done here, such as surf breaks, and cycling, to see wild animals and creatures in their habitat.

  1. Henley Beach

Like to swim or just enjoy the sea in a quiet place? Henley Beach is the right choice for you. Everything you need can be found at Henley Beach, from supermarkets, places to eat, places to shop, to cafes.

Henley Beach’s white sand never fails to amaze those who set foot there in awe of the scenery. Must be ready to take photos, especially at sunset!

  1. Jervis Bay

Being one of the crowns of Australia, Jervis Bay deserves a visit by tourists to be able to see its natural beauty. You can relax on the sand, see dolphins and whales, take a boat, visit the Botanic Garden, visit the lighthouse, etc.

The opportunity to swim is also there, you know! Not alone, some whales can usually accompany you while exploring the ocean.

Those are some marine tourist destinations in Australia that you can visit. The stunning natural beauty will not make you regret your visit.