10 Instagramable Portraits of Natural Attractions in Darwin, Australia

10 Instagramable Portraits of Natural Attractions in Darwin, Australia

If you don’t want to travel to the same destinations in Australia, you can visit the city of Darwin.

Darwin is the capital of the state of the Northern Territory in northern Australia. From its geographical location, this city is one of the cities in Australia that is close to Indonesia. It is characterized by this city which borders the Timor Sea to the north.

The city which is the only capital of the state of Australia with a tropical climate also has stunning natural beauty. Its natural beauty that is spread across various natural attractions is very fitting to be immortalized on your Instagram.

What are these charming and Instagramable tourist objects? Let’s see the portrait in the following list!

  1. Mindil Beach is the most visited beach in Darwin by tourists. It’s perfect to enjoy the sunset here while shopping at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets
  2. George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens is a botanical garden area that aims to preserve rare plants from the Northern Territory and around the world. This area presents a calming natural atmosphere with waterfalls, green forests, and mangrove areas
  3. Charles Darwin National Park is a city park that is famous for its heritage of concrete bunkers during the World War II era. This park provides a bicycle path so you can explore the park freely by cycling
  4. Bicentennial Park is a green open space located by the sea. Here there are several important memorials, one of which is the Darwin Cenotaph which was made to commemorate the Australians who lost their lives during World War I
  5. East Point Reserve is the largest park in Darwin with an area of ​​200 hectares. You can picnic and do barbeques here while capturing the green of the park combined with the blue of the sea
  6. Howard Springs Nature Park is a nature reserve area that focuses on preserving aquatic animals, such as turtles, Barramundi fish, and other freshwater fish species. Besides seeing these animals, you can also soak in an artificial rock pool with a charming design
  7. Casuarina Coastal Reserve Picnic Ground is a coastal area that includes a nature reserve. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this area by picnicking on the beach lined with Casuarina trees and cycling on the provided bicycle lane
  8. Lake Alexander is an artificial lake located in the East Point Reserve area. The sensation of a lake by the sea is felt when you swim, paddle, or do other water sports in this lake
  9. Nightcliff Jetty is a dead-end pier that juts into the sea and is used as a place to take pictures, relax, and fish. It’s perfect to capture the view of this pier and the surrounding rocks when the weather is clear
  10. Jingili Water Gardens is a unique park because there are many fountain pools among the green trees. Besides spoiling your eyes with the view, this park also provides a mini skateboard arena for those of you who are good at skateboarding

Those are 10 Instagramable natural attractions in Darwin. Come on, plan your visit there when the COVID-19 outbreak subsides!