Holiday with Family in Brisbane? These 7 Fun Activities You Must Try

Holiday with Family in Brisbane? These 7 Fun Activities You Must Try

Want a vacation to Australia to be more anti-mainstream? Make sure Brisbane and the Gold Coast are your tourist destinations! It’s also called a holiday, so it must have a different atmosphere. Believe it or not, an atmosphere like this can make your mind even fresher, including when you explore Queensland. Before you return to your homeland, you have at least felt one of the following 7 things. He said traveler, why don’t you dare to conquer it?

  1. Quality time with family at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

His name is also in Australia, isn’t it legal if you haven’t met a collection of adorable koalas? Only 12 km from Brisbane, you can find the largest nature reserve in the world, you know. You are not only given time to see the koala directly but also get to touch it. So excited!

But there are other animals there too, so you won’t be bored because you only see koalas. You can also see parrots, cassowaries, emus, and other animals. Complete package!

  1. Go to Brisbane, must come to the iconic place

Still in the same city, don’t just waste your time, okay? So, you have to maximize your vacation time while in Brisbane to taste the cuisine at Eat Street Northshore. You could say, this is the largest food center there complete with entertainment that is ready to welcome you every weekend. But if you need peace while in Brisbane, you can chill time at Howard Smith Wharves. This public green space is a heritage building from the 1930s but is now filled with local cafes and restaurants.

If you’re not satisfied, you can come to California Lane and Winn Lane for ‘very’ Australian photo spots, complete with mural art as well. Or maybe, you want to go to the Brisbane River? There, you can see the view of Brisbane as well as exercise. Come on!

  1. You can also explore Tangalooma Island Resort from Brisbane!

It’s been a long day, so it’s time to rest. Tangalooma Island Resort gives you a choice of comfortable resort accommodations. The most exciting activity on this island is interacting with and feeding the wild dolphins on the beach every night! You can also ride an ATV Quad Bike in and enjoy the beauty of this island.

The distance you have to travel to get to Tangalooma Island Resort is around 75 minutes from Brisbane, by ferry. Fun!

  1. Enjoy the beauty of the city from the Skypoint Observation Deck, Gold Coast

After exploring Brisbane, now we move on to the Gold Coast. IDN Times has a recommendation for those of you who like the beach which is located right on the edge of the city. Fix, mandatory to Skypoint Observation Deck in Surfers Paradise! From a height of 322.5 meters, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the Gold Coast and its surroundings. If you come from June – October, you can also find thousands of humpback whales migrating. Who knows if you will come at the right time!

  1. Surfer Paradise is a beach paradise on the Gold Coast

Australia is most famous for its beautiful beaches, especially the Gold Coast. You must come to Surfers Paradise because it is famous for the waves and also the sensation of surfing. When asked when is the best time to go there, every season is suitable for a vacation on the Gold Coast because every month there will be exciting events, it’s safe!

  1. Cartoon lovers, must go to the Movie World amusement park!

If this Movie World can be a recommendation for small children, which is full of their favorite cartoon characters. Yes, you could say this is their world. This family amusement park is also famous for its longest, fastest and tallest roller coaster ride in the Southern Hemisphere, the DC Hypercoaster, and its superhero carnival. For your information, Movie World was founded in 1991, you know.

  1. Complete the travel experience on the Gold Coast

Before you leave the Gold Coast, you must enjoy the beautiful sunset with views of the Gold Coast city skyline at Burleigh Beach. Burleigh Beach is located 20 minutes from the city center, here you can also try cafes with fantastic views such as Burleigh Pavilion!

Maybe we’ve never done this in Indonesia but try it once in a while. Calm down! But if you have a calmer heart when shopping, you can go to the Pacific Hour Fair or the Harbor Town Outlet. How can you not be happy, the prices of many items are discounted, you know, that’s why many travelers ‘stop’ there before finally returning to their homeland. Want branded goods but low prices? Here it is!

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