6 Free Tours in Melbourne, Make Beautiful Holidays Not Expensive!

6 Free Tours in Melbourne, Make Beautiful Holidays Not Expensive!

Malaysia or Thailand is a favorite destination for Indonesians. Apart from these two countries, Indonesia still has many other neighboring countries that can be visited, including Australia.

Unfortunately, although this country is no less beautiful, only a few Indonesians visit Australia. One of the reasons is that the budget is not adequate. Even though not all places in Australia are expensive, you know! Some places are even free, can’t you believe it?

  1. City Circle Tram

If you want to walk around the city without spending money, the City Circle Tram can be the way out. Started operating in 1994, the City Circle Tram is a free service for both locals and foreign tourists who want to take a walk around.

You will be taken through La Trobe, Flinders, Spring, and Nicholson, to Victoria Streets which is the business center in Melbourne. Besides being free, you will also get an explanation of the landmarks that you pass through audio.

  1. ACMI ‘Screen Worlds’ Museum

The Australian Center for Moving Image is better known as ACMI is a permanent exhibition that displays the history and development of moving images from year to year. Founded in 2002, the ACMI ‘Screen Worlds’ Museum is located in Federation Square.

There are also two cinema halls, several exhibition halls, and the Screen Worlds exhibition. To be able to enter the ACMI ‘Screen Worlds’ Museum, you don’t need to pay but to enter and watch the cinema you still have to buy a ticket.

  1. Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance opened in 1934. Unlike other tourist destinations that are used for entertainment, the Shrine of Remembrance was originally built to honor the Australians who sacrificed themselves in World War I.

But, now tourists can also visit here for free. The Shrine of Remembrance has about 800 collections dealing with soldiers of war ranging from photographs to uniforms as far back as 1850.

You can enter the Shrine of Remembrance and travel alone for free or join a tour for an affordable fee.

  1. State Library of Victoria

For book fans, there’s nothing wrong as long as you stop by the library in Melbourne. There are many libraries that you can visit, but the most recommended is the State Library of Victoria. This library was opened in 1856 and is the oldest library in Australia.

Not half-hearted, this library has a collection of 2 million books. If that’s not enough, here there is also a collection of newspapers, videos, and audiobooks. Best of all, the library is open to the public and free.

  1. Parliament House

Parliament House is one of the most stunning buildings in Melbourne. The good news is that even though Parliament House is still in use, you can also have a chance when there is no session.

You can wander along the halls and enter almost every room available including the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council, Queen’s Hall, and the library. The trick is to take a free tour.

A few tips, you should register for this tour in advance, because for one tour, participants cannot be more than 25 people.

  1. National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria, also known as the NGV, is Australia’s oldest museum and was founded in 1861. Apart from its stunning architecture, the National Gallery of Victoria houses a collection of 73,000 works of art as well as special exhibitions.

To take part in special exhibitions, visitors do have to pay. But if you want to enjoy the 73.00 works that are part of the NGV collection, you don’t have to pay a penny. It’s no wonder that every year this museum manages to attract two million visitors, not only local but also foreign tourists.

So, who says holidays to Australia and Melbourne are expensive?