5 Most Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Canberra Australia, When to Come?

5 Most Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Canberra Australia, When to Come?

Canberra is the capital city of Australia which is located at the northern tip of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) or about 280 kilometers southwest of Sydney. Canberra, which is the 8th largest city in Australia, is rich in culture and has a variety of interesting tourist attractions that are not to be missed.

This makes Canberra a favorite destination for tourists when visiting Australia. Consisting of natural and artificial tourist attractions, here are recommendations for the most charming tourist attractions in Canberra. Listen, yes.

  1. Australian War Memorial

Opened in 1914, the Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial museum dedicated to members of the armed forces who have died on the battlefield.

On the top floor of the west building, there is a collection of remains from World War I. Meanwhile, the collection of remnants of World War II is located in the east building.

Meanwhile, the large pavilion here is used to store large war objects, such as the wrecks of the M-14 and M-21, the Japanese Ko-hyoteki-class midget submarine, and others.

  1. Australian National Botanical Garden

Managed by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy, the Australian National Botanical Garden (ANBG) is a botanical garden with the largest collection of native Australian flora. The area of ​​this botanical garden reaches 40 hectares.

Besides being used for research, the botanical gardens are also widely used by tourists to explore, study, and relax enjoying free time with friends or family.

  1. National Zoo And Aquarium

Covering an area of ​​19 hectares, the National Zoo and Aquarium is located in Yarralumla or to be precise at the western end of Lake Burley Griffin. Inside is Australia’s largest collection of cats, dingoes, koalas, kangaroos, swamp wallabies, cheetahs, parma wallabies, emus, little penguins, and many others.

To get closer to these animals, tourists are strongly advised to take a zoo venture tour when visiting this zoo.

  1. Lake Burley Griffin

This is an artificial lake designed by an American architect named Walter Burley Griffin. This beautiful lake was created in 1964 ago. It is located right in the middle of the city and flanked by important Australian buildings.

Around the lake, there are recreational parks. Activities that can be done while you are here are rowing, fishing, cycling, or crossing the lake by taking a Captain Cook cruise boat.

  1. National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Parkes Place, Parkes. Australia’s largest art gallery was opened in October 1982 by Queen Elizabeth II. The building consists of 11 main galleries equipped with gardens that are deliberately arranged according to the 4 seasons.

Some of the collections in this art gallery include Aboriginal and indigenous art in the Torres Straits as well as works of art from other countries in the continents of Australia, Asia, Europe, America, and the Pacific.

Well, that’s the most charming tourist attraction in Canberra Australia. Which place would you like to visit first, guys?