5 Free Travel Destinations in Sydney Australia, Save Cost!

5 Free Travel Destinations in Sydney Australia, Save Cost!

Sydney has many beautiful and exciting tourist destinations. During the holiday season, this city is always crowded with visitors from various countries in the world. The tourist destinations offered by this city can always make visitors want to return to spend their holiday in Sydney.

Sydney is famous as the most expensive city in Kangaroo Country, Australia. However, for those of you who want to save on vacation costs, you can visit various tourist destinations in Sydney where the entrance ticket is free or free. Well, here are some free tourist destinations in Sydney.

  1. Circular Quay

Circular Quay is one of the harbors in Sydney. Circular Quay is on the northern edge of Sydney Cove’s central business district, between The Rocks and Bennelong Point.

From Circular Quay, you can see the Sydney Opera House or the world-famous opera house. In the Circular Quay area, there are also several restaurants, hotels, and playgrounds. Circular Quay can be visited every day and it’s free!

  1. Hyde Park Sydney

For those who are on vacation in Sydney and want to save money, you can go to Hyde Park Sydney. Hyde Park is the oldest park in Australia.

In this park, you can see statues of Theseus, the legendary heroes Athena, Apollo, and Diana in the middle of the Archebald fountain. Around Hyde Park, there is also an old church with beautiful architecture, namely the St Mary’s Cathedral church. In this park, you can also jog while enjoying the trees and flowers.

  1. Manly Beach

Manly Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Sydney. This beach is usually filled with many visitors from various countries during the holiday season. On this beach, visitors can swim, dive, and surf, you know!

If you are lucky, while diving, visitors can meet directly with sharks and rays. So, visitors must also keep their distance and be careful when driving.

On the Manly beach, there are also places to rent tires and swimsuits, places to eat, as well as umbrellas for shelter and sunbathing. This beach area is open anytime and there is no charge to enter, you know!

  1. Chinatown Sydney

For those of you who like shopping, you can visit Chinatown in Sydney. The location of Chinatown is close to Tumbalong Park or Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbor, and the Capitol Theater.

Here you can also enjoy a variety of Chinese specialties. For those of you who want to find accessories for cellphones or typical Chinese souvenirs, you can visit this Chinatown anytime.

  1. Sydney Opera House

Here it is the most famous icon in Australia. The Opera House in Sydney is a must-visit for tourists visiting Australia. The Opera House is a unique building and has been registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

This building is usually used for performances, such as ballet, dance, theater, and various other artistic performances. This building can be visited for free. However, to watch the show, you have to spend around AUD73 or around IDR 716 thousand.

Those are some tourist attractions that can be visited for free in Sydney, Australia. So, for those of you who want to save on your vacation costs in Sydney, you can visit these places.