5 Free and Instagramable Travel Destinations in Perth, Australia

5 Free and Instagramable Travel Destinations in Perth, Australia

Perth, which is the capital of Western Australia, is known as one of the favorite destinations for world tourists. Anyone will feel at home for a long time in the city which has earned the nickname as the city of lights. This is because Perth is a very modern metropolis. And among the many tourist attractions in Perth, it turns out that there are some that you can visit for free, such as the following, you know. Listen, yes.

  1. King’s Park and Botanical Garden

King’s Park and Botanical Garden are included as one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. There are many exciting activities you can do at King’s Park and Botanic Garden, from just walking around and seeing various kinds of flowers, picnicking, and learning about Aboriginal history to barbecuing while gazing at the beauty of the Swan River.

The best time to visit King’s Park and Botanic Garden is in the afternoon because the scenery that is presented is amazing. The facilities available are also very adequate. Toilets, restaurants, barbecue equipment rentals, children’s play areas, and other facilities for the disabled are here.

  1. Whiteman Park

For those of you who want to see and interact directly with typical Australian animals such as kangaroos and koalas, please visit Whiteman Park which is located at Meadow St & Swan St, Guildford WA 6055. You can also freely play as well as walk through the park and take a walk in the mini-forest as well as visit the transportation museum.

  1. Whistler’s Chocolate Co

Those of you who like chocolate are obligated to visit the oldest chocolate company in Australia called Whistler’s Chocolate Co. Once you enter this company, you will be greeted with thousands of chocolates in various shapes. You are even allowed to taste it, you know.

Even though when you enter this company there is no charge, if you want to buy chocolate for souvenirs you have to be willing to buy it, yes. Don’t forget to sample Perth’s best hot chocolate at one of the cafes near Whistler’s Chocolate Co.

  1. Cottesloe Beach

It’s a loss if you’ve been to the city of Perth but didn’t visit the beach there. One of the famous beaches that you can visit for free is Cottesloe beach.

The oldest beach in Western Australia, Cottesloe has an amazing stretch of clean white sand. In addition, you can also enjoy the blue water of the Cottesloe sea by sitting relaxed on the grass under the pine trees that grow very neatly.

Cottesloe Beach is also the location for the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition which is usually held in March. During the exhibition, you will see many unique sculptures by local artists on display here.

  1. Pitstop Playground

Pitstop playground is a unique playground that has a racing arena. The racing arena here is made for real with black and yellow racing tracks, traffic lights, and signs. Pitstop playground is also equipped with slides, sandbars for playing, nets for climbing, benches for just relaxing, barbecue equipment, grassy paths, and many others.

So, those are five places in Perth, Australia that you must visit. So, when are you going on vacation there, guys?