10 Must-Visit Sydney Destinations

10 Must-Visit Sydney Destinations, Australia

Sydney is one of the regions in the east of Australia which is one of the world’s favorite destinations. The most visited destinations are the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera House, and Darling Harbour.

Did you know that Sydney still has many destinations that you can visit, easy to reach by public transportation, and of course, this is HTM free! Come on, look at other alternatives!

  1. Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Australia’s heritage former water reservoir

This park is located at 251-255 Oxford St, Paddington is a former water reservoir that was built in 1864. The location of this park is very close to Allianz Stadium, so if you want to walk, you can take one path.

This building is an Australian heritage building with a rectangular structure with brick construction. The pillars are still made of wood with ornate grass gardens around them. Very suitable for those who like photography because there are many instagenic spots.

The nearest bus stop is Paddington Town Hall, Oxford St. If you take bus route number 333, you can take bus route number 333. Operating hours are 07.00-19.00 Sydney time.

  1. La Perouse, a stretch of open sea with several historical tourist spots

The La Perouse peninsula offers beautiful views of Botani bay. Located southeast of Sydney city center. In the La Perouse area, there are bare islands, museums, and monuments that testify to the history of the first arrival of the French.

In addition, there are several beaches such as Little Congwong, Congwong Bay, and Frenchmans Bay that can be used for swimming. There is also a fishing spot. The sunset view of the Botanical Harbor is very charming.

The bus stop is very close to the La Perouse monument, from Central station it can be accessed by bus routes L94 and 391 with the stop alighting at Anzac Pde Terminus.

  1. Auburn Botanic Garden, a Muslim suburb in Australia with views of the Japanese Garden

Auburn Botanical Gardens is located in the Muslim-majority suburb of Auburn with the large Gallipoli mosque near Auburn Station. Auburn Botanical Gardens can be reached by bus from Auburn station, if accessed from Central Sydney station, there is a direct train to Auburn station.

Visitors can enjoy the cool air of various kinds of trees. There is also a mini zoo, one of which is a Kangaroo. Playground facilities for children can also be enjoyed.

Uniquely, here there is the best Japanese theme park in Sydney. HTM entry to the Botanical Gardens is free, but specifically, to come to the cherry blossom festival at this thematic park, you pay $5 or around IDR 50,000.

  1. Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO historical heritage site

Located at the crossroads of the rivers Parramatta and Land Cove. This unique island can be accessed by ferry from the port of Circular Quay (in front of the Opera House). The island was once used as a prison and the largest shipyard in Sydney.

Old historical buildings are still well cared for. In addition to historical tourism, visitors can camp on this island by utilizing the tents that have been provided. There is also a heritage tunnel that connects the two sides of the island.

  1. Manly, Sydney’s best surf spot

Manly is one of the beaches famous for its waves. Those who like surfing can come to this beach. In addition, on this beach, there are several zoning, one of which is conservation and a quiet area for those who want to swim or snorkel.

This beach can be accessed by train, bus, or Ferry from the main port of Circular Quay. This place is also suitable for family tourism because there are several barbecue locations.

  1. Sydney Olympic Park, commemorating the 2000 Summer Olympics

Sydney Olympic Park is one of the historic sites of the world’s largest sports event in 2000. The most famous stadium is ANZ Stadium. In addition, there are areas for other sports.

There is also a running track over the newly built lake. This place can be accessed by bus or train that goes directly to the Sydney Olympic Park area.

  1. Shipwreck Lookout Homebush Bay

This historical physical evidence is located very close to the Sydney Olympic Park archery field. There are hundreds of years old shipwrecks that have become floating forests. The ship is the hull of the SS Ayrfield.

Homebush Bay is a bay on the south bank of the Parramatta River. In addition to the view of the shipwreck, there is a mangrove forest that can be explored, especially for morning sports. Visitors who like Sydney’s hidden spots must visit this interesting destination.

  1. Old Government House, Parramatta Park

Old Government House is located in Parramatta Park. This is the oldest public building in Australia and is included in a UNESCO historical heritage site. The location is right inside Parramatta park and there are also other historical spots in the park such as inscriptions and monuments.

Parramatta Park is accessible by bus or train from Sydney city center. The nearest station is Parramatta station then continue by bus with the nearest stop at Parramatta Park.

  1. Blue Mountain

This is a must-see one of the largest national parks with stunning mountain ranges in Sydney. Travel time by train from Sydney city center (Central station) is about 2 hours from the station to Katoomba. One of the interesting spots is the Three Sisters, which are 3 giant stones that are said to be the incarnation of three sisters during a tribal war.

It used to be a rock-climbing spot. Visitors can also get to the Three Sisters by using the stairs that have been provided. Blue mountain is full of British history in Australia, so here there are famous spots such as Elizabeth lookout, Prince Harry lookout, and others.

There are also several waterfalls. One of the destinations that should not be missed is Scenic World, which is to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Blue Mountain by using a cable car, passenger train with the steepest route in the world, the largest cable car in Australia or just walking through the forest in this area.

  1. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

There are many coastal walk routes in Australia, one of which is recommended is Bondi to Coogee. The trip along this coastal area will pass several beaches and interesting spots such as old restaurants, historical buildings, and the Bali bombing monument.

Access is free and the trip can be started from Bondi beach. To go to Bondi beach, visitors can use a bus from Central station.

Well, those were nine alternative destinations in Sydney that you can visit. One of the tips for cheap holidays in Sydney is to take advantage of Sundays.

Because, in one full day if you use an Opal card, you want to take any bus, train, or boat, you only withdraw $2.7 a day, you can save up to $50 you know. Don’t forget to add it to your vacation plan list!