Shopping Heaven, These are 5 Iconic Traditional Markets in Hatyai, Thailand

Shopping Heaven, These are 5 Iconic Traditional Markets in Hatyai, Thailand

Hatyai is one of the largest cities in Thailand, precisely located in southern Thailand which is directly adjacent to Malaysia.

Although not as sparkly as the metropolitan city of Bangkok, Hatyai also has some tourist destinations that are no less interesting. Starting from Hat Yai Municipal Park, Wat Hat Yai Nai, Magic Eye 3D Museum, and Magic Show, to Samila Beach.

In addition, the row of floating markets is already known as a shopping paradise for domestic and foreign tourists. Well, here are some traditional markets in Hatyai that you really must visit.

  1. Khlong Hae Floating Market

Through boats, traders in this floating market serve various types of goods, but they are more dominant in food. Starting from raw food to just a snack while exploring other areas. Uniquely, some of the food places are quite interesting, such as made from bamboo sticks to clay.

In addition, especially for Muslims, halal food can be easily found.

  1. Kim Yong Market

This traditional market sells Thai souvenirs, home supplies, cosmetics, to various dry foods. The price is also fairly pocket friendly. Especially if the tourists concerned are also good at bargaining prices.

The tips, besides being polite, try to use some Thai vocabulary because usually traders will feel more ‘appreciated’ and willing to lower prices.

  1. ASEAN Night Bazaar

As the name implies, the ASEAN Night Bazaar belongs to the type of night market. Open from late afternoon until midnight, this market sells a variety of goods at affordable prices. Starting from food, and decoration equipment, to fashion issues, both new and preloved from branded goods.

  1. Greenway Night Market

Located not so far from the ASEAN Night Bazaar, this night market also provides a variety of goods at low prices. Starting from typical Thai souvenirs, food, clothes, shoes, and so on.

In addition, at the Greenway Night Market, there are also areas where you can just relax for a moment.

  1. Santisook Market

Santisook market operates from morning to evening. This traditional market sells various fashion products, food, electronic equipment, and so on. The price is also pocket-friendly, especially if skilled tourists lobby so that the merchant is willing to lower prices.

So, those are some traditional markets in Hatyai, Southern Thailand that you should explore for a shopping paradise. It doesn’t break the pocket!