7 Exciting Things in Udon Thani Thailand, You Can Paddle on the Flower Lake!

7 Exciting Things in Udon Thani Thailand, You Can Paddle on the Flower Lake!

Even though the name is not as famous as Bangkok or Phuket, one of the cities located in this border area is no less charming, you know! In the past, Udon Thani was home to one of the world’s earliest bronze age civilizations.

Having an important historical past, and lots of fun things to do in Udon Thani! And here, are seven exciting things that you should not miss while on vacation here.

  1. Increase your historical insight by visiting the Udon Thani Provinsi Provincial Museum

Open every Tuesday-Sunday from 08.30-16.30, visiting the Udon Thani Provincial Museum is one of the fun things that tourists generally do when on vacation here and it’s also good for adding insight.

This museum provides entertainment for visitors by presenting a collection of cultural heritage, history, archeology, art, and an overview of the lifestyle of the Udon Thani people in the past.

  1. Explore the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park which is Udon Thani’s past

This park provides an interesting view of a forested hill with natural rock formations shaped like a cave. It is said that in the past these caves were used as a shelter as well as a temple where Buddha statues were enshrined. In addition to the views of the caves, you can also see red rock paintings depicting various animals and humans.

  1. Rowing a boat on Nong Han Lake makes your heart happy

Pink lakes or crystal lakes with clear and clean water, we seem to have seen in general. In Udon Thani there is a beautiful lake that attracts attention, namely Lake Nong Han. This lake is filled with beautiful pink lotus flowers.

In this lake, you can explore its beauty by rowing a boat. And of course, don’t forget to bring your camera, guys! Take advantage of this one spot as a photography background. All day here makes the heart happy, but many tourists come in the morning or evening.

  1. Enjoy the beautiful colors of flowers in Phu Foi Lom Park

Not only enjoying the beautiful colors of flowers, but Phu Foi Lom Park also has a collection of rare plants and a variety of ecological systems. Phu Foi Lom Park is the best tour for the people of Udon Thani city to refresh their minds.

If you visit during the rainy season, Phu Foi Lam Park has another interesting sight, namely the exotic waterfall with an estuary that refreshes the eyes when looking at it.

  1. Play and relax at Nong Prajak Park

Located in the middle of the city with views of multi-story buildings, Nong Prajak Park is one of the fun spots used by the people of Udon Thani as a place to relax, play on water bikes, cycle, exercise, and picnic.

The funny thing is, this park is synonymous with the existence of an adorable large yellow duck balloon. If you have visited all the attractions in Udon Thani, close your vacation trip by visiting Nong Prajak Park.

  1. Culinary night at Udon Thani Night Market which sells delicious food

Open from 5 pm, this place will make you crazy and make you forget about your diet. Located next to Udon Thani Train Station, at this night market you can enjoy Thai-style street food such as pla-meuk, mango pulut, Khanom dump, tab team krop, and many others.

If you’re not full yet, you can eat heavy foods too, such as tom yum, pad thai, khao pad, yum Nua, and others. It’s not just culinary. Let’s go along, you can buy souvenirs at affordable prices here, starting from bags, clothes, knick-knacks, and other handicraft items.

  1. Shop for souvenirs at Udon City Walking Street

Besides Udon Thani Night Market, you need to visit Udon City Walking Street which is open from 18.00-22.00 but only open on Friday and Saturday. Here it is more famous as a market that sells souvenirs with a variety of choices at affordable prices. After traveling around buying souvenirs, you can also taste the street food here.

Those were seven interesting things that should not be missed while on vacation to Udon Thani. Don’t forget to take notes, OK! And hurry up and enjoy the excitement of Udon Thani which will make you have an unforgettable vacation experience.