5 Tours in Mae Hong Son-Thailand This Enchantment is Hypnotizing!

5 Tours in Mae Hong Son-Thailand This Enchantment is Hypnotizing!

Mae Hong Son is one of the most beautiful provinces in Thailand which has a blend of Thai and Burmese cultures. You can easily reach this province from Chiang Mai.

Some areas of Mae Hong Son are shrouded in a fog because they are located on the border between Thailand and Burma. You can find a variety of interesting tourist attractions with the most amazing views here.

For those of you who can’t wait to find out more about Mae Hong Son, here are 5 recommendations for amazing tourist attractions that can be your next vacation reference.

  1. Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang is a favorite tourist spot for backpackers. Presenting the natural beauty of the beautiful countryside, it is a pity that this tourist spot does not have many visitors.

Mae Sariang can be an alternative tourist destination for those of you who want a different holiday atmosphere in Thailand. Some of the interesting activities you can do are traveling to local tribes, cycling, buying local handicrafts, visiting many temples, and others.

  1. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu which was built in the 1800s is located on the top of Doi Kong Mu Hill. To get here you have to walk for half an hour through the forest which has very beautiful natural scenery.

When you arrive at the location, you will be greeted by two large Burmese-style lion statues. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Buddhist Temple has a gilded roof. It is in this place that the ashes of one of the Buddha’s chief disciples and the governor who ordered the construction of the temple at that time are kept.

At night, the lights in the temple are deliberately turned on to make Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu look even more beautiful.

  1. Wat Chong Klang

Wat Chong Klang is a Burmese-style temple that stands majestically on the shore of a small lake. The temple is surrounded by a garden which the locals often use as a place to relax.

Meanwhile, inside the temple, there are more than 30 statues that were brought from Burma to Thailand in 1860. After exploring Wat Chong Klang, take the time to stop by the market around the temple to buy local handicrafts, sweet snacks, and traditional Mae Hong Son clothes. which you can make as a souvenir.

  1. Pie River

Having a beautiful natural environment makes Pai River so loved not only by residents but also by tourists from other countries. Visiting here you will find many inns and restaurants with stunning ancient-style buildings.

Vacation moments will be even more memorable when you take the time to walk along the river by boat. And stunning natural scenery will accompany your trip.

  1. Padong Longneck Village

Members of the hill tribe in Padong Village have a culture of stretching their necks using gold rings. This is done by women from the time they are 4 years old until they are 25 years old. The people in this village are very friendly, so you can interact with them comfortably.

Mae Hong Son has a variety of interesting tourist attractions whose charms can refresh the mind and reassure the heart. You should at least visit it once in your lifetime!