5 Thai Foods with Wine, Unique and Delicious Taste

5 Thai Foods with Wine, Unique and Delicious Taste

Wine is generally processed into a sweet dish as a dessert after eating a meal. The fresh taste is certainly very suitable to be combined with other sweet components.

However, it turns out that wine is often used as a food ingredient that is usually added to savory dishes in Thailand, you know. This of course can be used as a cooking idea today. Let’s look at a row of Thai food with the following addition of grapes.

  1. Cashew Shrimp Wine Salad

Thai food is often served with a fresh sour taste. There is a sour taste in this dish that relies on grapes.

In this dish, the wine used can be red wine and green grapes. In addition, roasted cashews are also added to provide a balanced and perfect salty taste. Can also use other types of nuts as an alternative.

  1. Roast Beef Salad

This dish serves a salad full of sliced ​​beef. The beef should be roasted first to medium rare. The sauce is made by grinding chilies, garlic, ginger, mint, and coriander.

After that, this dish is also added with fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar until everything is well mixed. The addition of wine is done to add a fresh sour taste as well as add texture.

  1. Wine red curry

Thailand is famous for its spicy and creamy curries. However, it turns out that this curry dish goes well with wine, you know.

The addition of red wine mixed in the gravy will add a burst of natural sweetness, thus creating a more special taste. Dishes like this are not uncommon in Thailand.

  1. Roast duck curry

This Thai dish serves curry with a chewy and juicy duck meat filling. The addition of wine in this dish also goes very well with the curry sauce.

In addition to grapes, pineapple is also often included as an additional filling. The addition of these fruits also makes the aroma of cooking more fragrant.

  1. Curry noodles with paneer and red wine

Paneer is a type of cheese that can be served diced in this dish. Paneer cheese is served with Thai red curry noodles and sliced ​​grapes as a filling.

The combination of paneer cheese and wine in this Thai curry noodle dish is guaranteed to increase your appetite. It’s savory, creamy, and sour in one bite.

A series of Thai dishes above use grapes as one of the ingredients. After looking at the points above, which Thai food with wine catches your eye?