5 Thai Desserts Made from Jelly, Interested in Trying it?

5 Thai Desserts Made from Jelly, Interested in Trying it?

In addition to producing quality films, Thai cuisine also has a variety of dishes that can make you satisfied when you eat them. Not only mango sticky rice, but you also need to know delicious Thai specialties that you can add to today’s menu list.

If you have the ingredients to make jelly, it never hurts to make one of the following dishes. What are some Thai jelly-based desserts that you must try? Read the full summary below for inspiration.

  1. Coconut jelly duo

This sweet snack is very popular in Thailand. This dessert features two layers of gelatin consisting of a taste of coconut water and coconut milk from the aged coconut. Very interesting isn’t it?

Not only refreshing, but the pandan leaf aroma of this dish is also very fragrant. This dish is known to be easy to make, so it is perfect for you to try to make it at home.

  1. Coconut Mango Jelly

Sweet snacks made from mangoes are often the mainstay of Thailand. For those who have mangoes at home, it’s perfect for making this sweet snack now.

Use mango puree and coconut milk so that the color and taste are very beautiful and delicious. Add jelly with pandan essence as a second layer to balance the taste.

  1. Coconut orange jelly

In Thailand, jelly is often made into a sweet treat in the form of many layers with various fruit flavors. They often use coconut-flavored jelly and mix it with other fruits, including oranges.

You can make this dish using only orange syrup. It is perfect for those of you who have leftover syrup in the month of Ramadan and want to make a delicious dish.

  1. Coconut and strawberry jello art flowers

Apart from oranges and mangoes, you can also make Thai sweet snacks using strawberries. This dish serves jelly in the shape of a flower, so it is guaranteed to be liked by children.

Strawberry flavor is also mixed with coconut flavor as is typical of Thai sweets. You can make this dish with the kids to eat together.

  1. Tricolor Thai Fruit Jelly

The last Thai dessert creation is the tricolor Thai fruit jelly. Besides being served in layers and floral prints, this Thai sweet snack also serves gelatin in clear glass.

The combination of three fruits that can be combined includes coconut milk, oranges, and kiwi. You can also combine other fruits according to taste, yes.

Those are Thai dessert creations made from jelly that you can try at home. After reading the explanation above, which one do you want to try first?