5 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Southern Thailand, There is a Sleeping Buddha

5 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Southern Thailand, There is a Sleeping Buddha

Have a vacation agenda to Thailand but are bored with the tourist offerings in Bangkok and Phuket? You can try tourist destinations in the Southern Thailand region which of course is no less interesting.

This tourist area which is adjacent to the Malaysian border can pamper travelers with the various attractions provided. The nautical charm that is no less interesting can also be enjoyed by travelers from the Chumphon province to the Songkhla province which is adjacent to Malaysia.

Although often used as a stopover for tourists who take Malaysia-Thailand trips, cities in Southern Thailand also have various interesting surprises that can impress you even more. Curious what kind of charm is on offer? Check out the following reviews, come on!

  1. Municipal Park Hat Yai

This tourist destination is located on a hill in Hatyai City, Southern Thailand. Municipal Park is a park in Hatyai that requires visitors to use a cable car from the management to reach its location.

With the park’s location at an altitude, Municipal Park offers views of the city of Hatyai from above the clouds. In addition, at the top of this park, there is also a Buddha statue that has a height of 20 meters and weighs 200 tons, named Phara Buddha Mongol Maharaj.

When visiting this park, you will also be surprised by several other interesting destinations around the park. Call it the Planetarium, King Rama V Monument, 4 Face Brahma Shrine to Happy Buddha.

  1. Samila Beach

The second recommendation of a tourist destination in Southern Thailand that is interesting to visit is Samila Beach. With a distance of 45 minutes from Hatyai city, tourists will be spoiled with beautiful beach views. On this beach, you will also find a statue of a mermaid named Lady Mermaid which is iconic and always crowded as a photo object, you know.

While on this beach, a traveler can also rent a boat to visit Cat Island and Tikus Island which are directly opposite the beach. One paddle, two or three tourist spots are exceeded, right?

  1. Thale Noi Water Bird Park

As one of the most interesting tourist attractions to visit while in Southern Thailand, Thale Noi Water Bird Park presents views of birds flying freely. As the name implies, this one place is indeed used as a place to see various species of birds.

According to information, there are more than 250 species of birds in this place, you know. Interestingly, visitors can also take pictures of several species of birds that are very friendly and tame.

To be able to see various types of bird species in Thale Noi Water Bird Park, you can visit from January to April. Because at that time, the scenery presented will be more beautiful with several species of birds returning from their migration activities.

  1. Wa Hat Yai Ni Temple

It’s incomplete to visit Thailand if you haven’t seen the Buddha statue up close. One of the famous ones is also in Southern Thailand, you know. The statue, named Phra Phuttha Hattha Mongkho, is the largest sleeping Buddha statue in the world today.

This Buddha statue is in the Wa Hat Yai Ni temple located in the city of Hatyai, Southern Thailand. The temple, which is still used as a place of worship, can also be an interesting choice to visit, you know. Besides being able to take pictures with the giant sleeping Buddha statue, the monks at this temple are also willing to give you their blessings.

  1. Khlong Hae Floating Market

It is no secret for foreign tourists that Thailand has always been famous for its floating market. Well, in Southern Thailand travelers can find a floating market area in the Hatyai region.

This floating market called Khlong Hae Floating Market has different characteristics from the others. Using a place to eat and drink from clay and bamboo, tourists will be attracted to its uniqueness.

It turns out that tourist destinations in Southern Thailand are also unique and interesting, right? After listening to the reviews above, which destination are you interested in visiting?