5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Songkhla Thailand, Never Empty of Visitors!

5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Songkhla Thailand, Never Empty of Visitors!

One of the most popular tourist destinations today is Thailand. The reason is, that this country has delicious specialties, beautiful white sandy beaches, and amazing cultural wealth.

When going to Thailand, people usually prefer to stop in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. There are many other areas in Thailand whose beauty is like heaven, you know! One of them is Songkhla which is located in southern Thailand.

Surrounded by beaches, here are 5 recommended tourist attractions in Songkhla that must be included in your holiday wishlist. Listen, yes!

  1. Golden Mermaid

Located on Samila Beach, the construction of the Golden Mermaid was inspired by the love story of a young fisherman and a mermaid.

It is said that one day a mermaid was combing her hair using a gold comb. Then, a young fisherman approached him. Startled, the mermaid returned to the sea and left her golden comb behind. The young fisherman who found the golden comb decided to wait for the arrival of the mermaid every day. However, he never came back.

Local people believe that if you want to get lucky in a romantic relationship, you should rub the Golden Mermaid’s hair.

  1. Ko Yo Island

A visit to Ko Yo Island is not to be missed when you are in Songkhla. The location is very easy to access via the Tinsulanond Bridge which is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand.

Ko Yo Island is famous for its delicious food, such as jampada and spicy catfish. Both of these dishes can be found easily at Khun Jit Sea View or Rai Thong Restaurant.

Not only food, but Ko Yo Island also has a very famous museum, temple, and large Buddha statue.

  1. Thale Noi

Want to visit a tourist spot that brings serenity and beauty? Come to Thale Noi! Along the lake using a motorboat, you will be stunned by hundreds of birds flying and chirping at each other.

As far as the eye can see, another object that will grab your attention is the lotus flower that fills almost the entire surface of the lake.

  1. Dragon Head Statue

Built in 2007, Dragon Head Statue is a relatively new cultural tourist spot in Songkhla. The Dragon Head Statue consists of three parts that are placed in separate places, namely the head near the entrance, the body in the garden, and the tail on the side.

Judging from the number of visitors, it is certain that the Dragon Head Statue is a favorite tourist spot for the Songkhla community. What is unique about the Dragon Head Statue is the mouth of the statue that spouts water.

  1. Songkhla Zoo

Carrying the theme of an open zoo, the main purpose of the establishment of Songkhla Zoo is to preserve and conserve nature. Walking through Songkhla Zoo, you will see various kinds of animals, such as flamingos, camels, birds, tigers, bulls, and many others.

Songkhla Zoo is also equipped with a water park that is used as a show venue, ranging from penguins, and tigers, to wildlife survival.

Are you more interested in visiting Songkhla? To make your vacation even more exciting, don’t forget to invite your loved ones too, OK!