5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Pattaya Thailand, Make a Vacation Craving

5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Pattaya Thailand, Make a Vacation Craving

Pattaya never seems to be empty of tourists. Located on the easternmost side of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is known as the most popular city in the White Elephant Country after its capital, Bangkok.

Although often dubbed the ‘Party City’ because of its sparkling nightlife, Pattaya offers many interesting tours and is very popular among foreign tourists, you know. Some spots are very suitable to be used as family tourism destinations.

Anywhere? Take note of these five destinations in Pattaya, Thailand, and add them to your wishlist, OK!

  1. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Standing on an area of ​​approximately 2.4 square kilometers, the garden named Nong Nooch Tropical Garden has successfully won the title of the largest tropical garden in Southeast Asia. You can find various types of plants such as bonsai, palms, tropical fruit trees, to various flowers here.

These plants are displayed in various garden themes. Call it the Asian Gardens, Versailles Gardens, European Renaissance Gardens, French Gardens, and many others. You can take a car around provided by the manager of Nong Nooch to visit the parking spot.

Every corner of Nong Nooch is very well maintained and clean. Lush green trees, rows of pagodas, and statues of fauna make the atmosphere even more interesting.

  1. Pattaya Floating Market

The main spot in this destination is of course the floating market which consists of rows of wooden boats selling various traditional Thai snacks. Various unique souvenirs, such as t-shirts, key chains, miniature tuk-tuks, wood carved statues, also enliven the Pattaya Floating Market.

Interestingly, the river where the boats float is flanked by a row of traditional Thai buildings and connected by bridges at several points.

Visitors who want to feel the sensation of floating on a boat can try renting a boat along the river area in the Pattaya Floating Market area. You can explore this tour until the evening at 20.00 local time.

  1. Sanctuary of Truth

Magnificent and detailed. Those are the first two impressions that will come out when you arrive at the door of the Sanctuary of Truth. This 105-meter-high building is a construction made of wood carvings which were started in 1981 and are still under construction.

It is said that the construction of the Sanctuary of Truth will never be completed because the wood carvings that inhabit there will continue to grow. However, some say that the palace-like structure will be completed in 2050.

For those of you who like wood carving and looking for Instagramable spots for photos, the Sanctuary of Truth is the most ideal location. Every corner of this destination features carvings and statues of gods in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

  1. Pattaya Beach

Going to Pattaya, it’s not complete if you haven’t stopped at Pattaya Beach. This beach has a coastline that stretches for about three kilometers, from the Dusit Thani Hotel on the north side to the small hillside lighthouse on the south side.

At Pattaya Beach, you will find a row of luxury hotels and resorts in the northern zone of the beach. The middle zone is the location of bars and cafes for young people. Meanwhile, the southern zone which borders the Bali Hai Pier is suitable for those of you who want to try out water sports.

If you want to wait for the beautiful sunset, Pattaya Beach can be a serene location to capture the moment. The number of boats and ships scattered on Pattaya Beach makes the sunset even more beautiful.

  1. Koh Larn Island

Apart from beaches, Pattaya also has island tours that are no less popular, one of which is Koh Larn Island. Located in the Gulf of Thailand as far as seven kilometers from the shoreline of Pattaya Beach, this island offers a row of beach tours, beautiful underwater views, and a variety of seafood.

Visiting Koh Larn Island, means you have to spend the night. There are bungalows and hotels with direct views of the open sea. If you stay overnight, you will be more satisfied with swimming, snorkeling, and riding a banana boat.

If you like outdoor activities, also take the time to trek to the forests and hills on Koh Larn Island. You can see this island and the sea from a height.

Wow, makes you curious, right about the popular tours in Pattaya, Thailand, earlier? Spend at least three days and two nights so you can fully explore all the destinations. Let’s go to Pattaya!