Explore Kawagoe in Japan, Visit These 5 Tourist Spots in a Day

Explore Kawagoe in Japan, Visit These 5 Tourist Spots in a Day

Can be reached in approximately 40 minutes by train from Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, the old town called Kawagoe is an attractive destination for lovers of hidden gems in the Land of Sakura.

Kawagoe earned the nickname Little Edo because it was the site of the old buildings dating back to the Edo Empire (1603-1868). If you’re coming from Tokyo, exploring Kawagoe all day is a great choice.

Arriving at Kawagoeshi Station, you can continue your journey on foot to visit the following five destinations.

  1. Kita-in Temple

Kita-in Temple is about 1.4 kilometers from Kawagoeshi Station. This shrine is the only original structure that has survived since the Edo period. That’s why Kita-in Temple keeps historical stories that are important to Japanese society.

Here, besides being able to see some of the rooms in the temple complex, you can also find hundreds of statues of friends or disciples of the Buddha made of stone. This area called Gohyaku Rakan displays different facial expressions from one statue to another. The number of statues is confirmed to be more than 500 pieces.

  1. Kurazukuri Street

Kurazukuri Street is one of the main streets in Kawagoe which is home to old buildings and warehouses for storing various kinds of merchandise in the past. Now, the ancient building in Kurazukuri has turned into a souvenir shop, coffee shop, and restaurant that is never empty of visitors.

A bell clock tower called Toki no Kane which was built in the 1600s can also be found in the Kurazukuri area. The bell on the tower will ring at certain times. Surrounded by many old buildings, the atmosphere in Toki no Kane seems to take you through a time passageway to the past.

  1. Ryotei Yamaya Restaurant

Don’t miss the food at Ryotei Yamaya when you visit Kawagoe. This place is a restaurant that has existed for more than 1.5 centuries. They serve traditional Japanese dishes, such as sashimi, yuba or tofu skin, imo or Kawagoe baked sweet potato and many more.

If you come to Kawagoe on the Tobu Tojo Line train, you will get a Kawagoe Discount Pass that you can use when dining at Ryotei Yamaya restaurant. The discount pass is 710 yen for adults and 370 yen for children.

That’s great, right?

  1. Kashiya Yokocho

Also known as Candy Alley, this area is a center for candy and snacks shops. There are at least 22 traditional Japanese-style candy shops stretching along Kashiya Yokocho.

You can not only buy various kinds of sweets, but also cotton candy, traditional snacks, ice cream, sweets, and cakes, some of which are made from sweet potatoes. Because it has been a major producer and supplier of sweets since the Meiji period (1868-1912), the taste and atmosphere on offer are truly special.

  1. Hikawa Shrine

The Temple of Love, that’s another nickname for Hikawa Shrine. A 6th-century Shinto shrine that is often the site of Japanese weddings. The majority of visitors come to the temple to pray and ask for good luck in love, as well as cleanse the heart and soul.

In this temple, you can find a long narrow hallway with a wooden roof where many papers containing prayers and wishes hang along the hallway. Interestingly, even though it is hundreds of years old, the building at Hikawa Shrine looks very well maintained.

With a variety of historical and culinary tours on offer, a trip to Kawagoe is certainly an agenda worth trying. If a one-day trip is still lacking, you can take the time to stay. Interested?